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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

On a grassy field in the Magic Kingdom, Sizemore Rockwell stands in front of the glowing green portal from Gobwin Knob clutching his shovel. He looks around forlornly. A Scarlet Witch-like caster strides by in the background, in front of the gray stone curb encircling the field.[edit]
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 2

Sizemore walks away from the portal, head bent. The Scarlet Witch-like caster passes by.[edit]

Sound effect: *sigh*

Sizemore: Mind the gap. [1]

Panel 3

Sizemore walks, head bent, across a field with multiple glowing portals and colorful casters each set on their own destination.

Among them can be seen a Celes-like caster, an ExDeath-like caster, and a Lulu-like caster, striding toward a pathway leading into the forest, and the Scarlet Witch-like caster, still following the same route.
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 4

Sizemore, dejected, walks against a background of the green trees around the field.[edit]
Janis (off-panel): Sizemore! [edit]

Panel 5

Janis and Marie Lavraie appear in the background, between glowing portals, Janis with her arms spread in greetings. Sizemore is in the foreground, cringing.[edit]

Janis: Sizemore!

Sound effect: *cringe*

Panel 6

Janis wraps Sizemore in the offered hug, as Marie looks on smiling.[edit]

Sizemore: Erf.

Hi Janis.

Janis: You came back, I'm really so glad!

Panel 7

Janis indicates Marie, and Marie and Sizemore shake hands.[edit]

Janis: This is the Predictamancer I mentioned. My friend, Marie Lavraie.

Sizemore: Oh. Hello.

Marie Lavraie: Sizemore Rockwell.

Hud so motch about you, you know. So motch.

Panel 8

Janis and Sizemore bend their foreheads together, nearly touching.[edit]

Janis: Marie and I need to talk to you.

About your um, recent leadership change?


Panel 9

Bird's eye view of Janis, Sizemore, and Marie, as all around colorfully dressed casters walk between portals. These include a Dr. Strange-like caster, a Wicked Witch-like caster, a George Harrison/Sgt. Pepper-like caster and a Zatanna-like caster.[edit]

Sizemore: I can't right now. I'm on an errand.

It's actually pretty urgent.

Panel 10

Janis and Sizemore hold hands, as Marie looks on.[edit]

Janis: So's this.

We'll walk with you, okay?

Panel 11

Sizemore, worried, against a background of sky and green trees.[edit]

Sizemore: I-

I... guess so.

All right.

Panel 12

Janis, Sizemore, and Marie walk between different colored glowing portals, as in the background other casters go about their business.

These include a Dr. Strange-like caster, a Jeannie-like caster, and a Dr. Manhattan-like caster. Behind them, the field is surrounded by different colored trees: light green, purple, and dark green.
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 13

Cutaway side view of Portal Park, showing at least nine different colored glowing portals, and casters walking by them.

Under the ground, a reinforced tunnel stretches from just in front the Gobwin Knob portal to just behind where Sizemore is walking with Janis and Marie, dragging his shovel. Golden dust swirls at the tunnel's end, where Sizemore is creating it.

Janis: This is, like, kind of a slow pace for an urgent errand. Isn't it?

Sizemore: Can't really talk about it.


  1. ^  "Mind the gap" is a common warning in subway stations, and has appeared in various video games including Portal and Halo.