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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
Previous LIAB Text 41 Next LIAB Text 42 [edit]

Panel 1

Prince Tramennis is addressing a group of troups. The barred door to the garrison is visible in the background.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Send the King the all clear.

Tell him hurry.

Panel 2

Wanda and Jack Snipe are talking with the decrypted Antium. A decrypted red dwagon towers over them.[edit]

Wanda: We must take the portal room.

Which way?

Panel 3

Antium continues the discussion between himself, Wanda and Jack(off panel). Antium looks out across the army of hobgobwins, dwagons and decrypted jetstone troups visible in the background. The door to the tower is also visible.[edit]

Antium: The back way. We've-

They've... barricaded access to the tower stair from here.

Panel 4

Jack, Wanda and Antium(off panel) continue their conversation. decrypted troops and the tower door are visible in the background. Jack indicates toward the door with his cane.[edit]

Jack: No worry.

We have lots of siege.

Panel 5

Worm's eye view of the Spacerock Tower behind the shattered Atrium. Four tiny Archons float near the top. Prince Ossomer hovers near the railing.[edit]
Jack: In fact, with the King still up there... [edit]

Panel 6

Jack Snipe continues his conversation. He is smiling slyly.[edit]

Jack: I'd suggest using the purples to bring it down.

Checkmate, wouldn't it be?

Panel 7

Lady Sylvia Lazarus joins the conversation between Jack, Wanda and Antium(off panel). Jack appears startled, Wanda, calm; Sylvia, eager. The red dwagon towers over them, and decrypted troops fill the background.[edit]

Sylvia: Pretty thought. Do we have the orders?

Wanda: You have my orders.

Stay here and bring down the tower.

Panel 8

Wanda is giving commands to Adam Antium. Jack's hat is visible lower left, and a live green dwagon partially visible upper right. Two decrypted jetstone troops stand behind Antium, and ranks of decrypted troops line up to the left.[edit]

Wanda: You. Stack up every tunnel-capable unit and lead us down by "the back way."

Antium: Yes, mistress

Panel 9

Eight Transylvito units including Doll, Dewy Tulips, Caesar and Benjamin stand around a table where an image of the hexagon shaped City of Spacerock with the central Tower of Jenga is depicted. Caesar stands in the center with his bow-tie untied, arms on the table and slouching as he explains the situation.[edit]

Caesar: Awww, yeah they're in some deep crap now.


Panel 10

Caesar explains to Dewy Tulips and Benjamin about military strategy[edit]

Caesar: I'd say they gotta rush that Atrium with everything they've got, all at once, or they're just feedin' the enemy new units.

Dewy Tulips: Mm.

Not even watching: Oh, wow. Yeah...

Panel 11

Caesar orders a doll to setup the war table, as Benjamin, and two other Transylvito units look on. Bunny is seen in the background leaving the room. Don King's throne is empty in the background.[edit]

Caesar: Doll, set up their garrison in triple scale.

Dungeon here...


... tower here.

Panel 12

Caesar, clearly disheveled, with his necktie/cravat askew, starts to plan as he stands in the Transylvito throne room, used currently as a war room.[edit]

Caesar: And how's our intel?

Can we tell how many units survived that fall, Don?

Panel 13

Don King and Bunny are leaving the throne room for a private meeting with Slately.[edit]

Caesar: Don..?

Don King: We'll return in a minute, Caesar.

Carry on.