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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

King Slately and Prince Tramennis leave the (decrypted) Prince Ossomer and stride away from the balcony railing. The sky behind them is filled with arrows let loose by archers, falling onto the Courtyard.[edit]

King Slately: My life?

Tramennis: We shouldn't plan in front of the enemy, Father. Come. Hurry.

Begone, Ossomer!

Panel 2

Tramennis and King Slately leave the balcony and Ossomer (in the foreground) behind, as they walk into the midst of their archers.[edit]
Tramennis: As if he could be any more gone. [edit]

Panel 3

Tramennis and his father, King Slately continue to talk, with two guards (on either side of the door to the balcony) and three orlys in the background.[edit]

Tramennis: Yes, your life.

As there's no heir, if you are croaked, Jetstone will fall.

King Slately: They've not attacked me.

Panel 4

Tramennis and the king (off panel) discuss plans in front of some unipegataur guards.[edit]

Tramennis: Aye, but speaking strategically, you are our single point of vulnerability.

I wouldn't expect this enemy to leave such a thing out of his plans.

Panel 5

Warlord Tramennis and King Slately discuss strategy amongst humanoid and unipegataur guards, and orlys in the Tower.[edit]

King Slately: There were reasons I never made you my heir, Tramennis...

Tramennis: Yes, I'm sure there were. They hardly matter now.

We will need to get you out of the city.

Panel 6

King Slately speaking.[edit]

King Slately: Evacuate?

In our moment of triumph? [1]

Panel 7

Tramennis and his father, King Slately continue to talk, with one guard visible in the background.[edit]

King Slately: I think you overestimate their chances. [2]

Tramennis: *I* tempt the Titans?

Father, you will leave the city if I have to have you bound and carried.

Panel 8

Tramennis and his father, King Slately explains his plan, with four unipegataur guards in the background.[edit]

Tramennis: Now here is my battle plan.

If you don't care for it, then you can find another Chief Warlord.

Panel 9

King Slately and Tramennis stare at each other, daring the other to talk.

In the background three unipegataur guards and one human guard stand at attention, under a shelf containing five orlies. Visible through the door, five armed archers are getting ready for battle.
Orly: O SNAP [edit]

Panel 10

King Slately imperiously issues a command.[edit]
King Slately: Speak. [edit]

Panel 11

Parson and Maggie discuss plans with the green portal to the Magic Kingdom in the background.[edit]

Maggie: Lord Parson... Lady Firebaugh reports that she and Jack Snipe are alive, sound, and reasonably secure.

Parson: Hot damn, okay!

Are the arrows still coming down?

Panel 12

Parson speaks to Maggie, whilst gesturing toward Sizemore.[edit]

Maggie: Heavy volleys, Lord.

Parson: Arright. Have her wait 'til they stop firing and everything is as dead as it's going to get. Then she goes: mass decrypt, take that army to the dungeon and secure their Portal Room.

Then Sizemore goes.

Panel 13

Parson replying, looks toward the Magic Kingdom portal.[edit]
Parson: Then I go. [edit]


  1. ^  A quote from Star Wars IV: A New Hope, spoken by Grand Moff Tarkin shortly before the Death Star was destroyed.
  2. ^  The second half of the quote.