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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

King Slately and Prince Tramennis lean over the balcony to look into the shattered Atrium. Ossomer, floating on the other side of the rail, shades his eyes to look as blue lightning zips past. Tramennis holds up a hand behind his right ear.[edit]

King Slately: They're... what are they doing?

Prince Tramennis: I can't see.

Casters, hold!

Panel 2

King Slately cocks an eyebrow while Prince Tramennis squints in disbelief. Behind them, two Jetstone archers stare agape.[edit]

King Slately: That is-

Are they croaking their own mounts?

Prince Tramennis: They are.

But not... all of them.

Some are falling alive.

Panel 3

King Slately points an accusatory finger at an open-mouthed Ossomer, and Prince Tramennis lowers his head and frowns. Behind them, ranks of Jetstone archers stand at attention.[edit]

King Slately: Ossomer-thing!

What is this gesture meant to mean!

Panel 4

Ossomer stares open-mouthed, a pained look in his eyes.[edit]
No text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 5

Prince Tramennis points downward, looking distraught.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: I don't believe it's a gesture, Father.

The 'pliers...

Panel 6

At the bottom of the Atrium, a one-armed Duke Adam Antium shouts over the tumult. Two frightened and apparently unarmed Jetstone troopers move past. Far behind them, a group of infantrymen struggle to deal with a roaring yellow dwagon, standing on its hind legs, wings spread, claws held up boxer-style.[edit]

Adam Antium: The Croakamancer!

Look for the Croakamancer!

Panel 7

Adam Antium, spear clutched in his remaining hand, stalks the floor of the Atrium while calling out to his troops. A warlord in the foreground, face unseen, points to the fallen armored red dwagon. In the distance, another warlord with long raven hair leaps at the yellow dwagon, a long sword gripped in both hands behind overhead. The dwagon has a pair of legs in its hands and a silver-armored torso hanging from its mouth.[edit]

Adam Antium: Can anyone spot her? The Croakamancer?

Just Another Coalition Knight: There!

By the red, toward the center!

Panel 8

Adam Antium draws himself up as dozens of troopers run for the exit. A purple dwagon roars at a warlord trying to keep it at bay.[edit]

Adam Antium: I see her!

Continue evacuating!

Panel 9

King Slately puts a hand to his chin thoughtfully, while Prince Tramennis waves an order to his troops. Scores of Archers raise their bows.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Continue evacuating the Atrium!

And yet, hark! All Archers!

Volleys to the Atrium!


Panel 10

The Atrium floor is littered with debris, including fallen timbers, cloth, and croaked Dwagons, including the plated Red dwagon, and a blue apparently being hugged by it erstwhile rider, a Gobwin Knob Warlord who survived his fall. In the distance, a Pink dwagon, warlord, and newly Heavy Hobgobwin clash with Jetstone fighters. Wanda Firebaugh lies on her back, quite still, just a few feet from her ex-dwagon. Adam Antium rushes to her unmoving body, spear raised in his one remaining hand.[edit]

Adam Antium: For Jetstone. No! For justice, witch...


Panel 11

Adam Antium drives his spear into the head of Wanda Firebaugh, which gives way in white ripples where the spear pierces it.[edit]
Sound: DUPE[1] [edit]

Panel 12

The floor of the Atrium is littered with the bodies of Croaked Dwagons, including a Red, a Blue, two Greens and two Yellows. In the distance, a living Pink struggles with Jetstone forces while a red has its head chopped clean off by a Jetstone Warlord. Scores of troops have escaped up a set of stairs to a second-floor landing as sheets of arrows rain down into the open area. Adam Antium, standing among it all, repeatedly strikes the naked ground between a green tail and a yellow's wing with his spear. Some distance away, a Jetstone Warlord smiles while unrolling a glowing Scroll, its rod marked with a red X.[2][edit]

Just Another Coalition Knight: Lol...[3]


Panel 13

The Scroll glows pink as the Veil surrounding its bearer gives way, revealing the Jetstone Warlord to be Jack Snipe, standing over the prone forms of Wanda Firebaugh and her Croaked plated Red dwagon.[edit]
Jack Snipe: ... Tolhurst Michael Dempsey Robert Smith![5] [edit]


  1. ^  A dupe is a fool, gullible person, or someone unwittingly serving an enemy. To dupe someone is to trick or deceive them. Also, dupe can be short for duplicate, or copy.
  2. ^  The Red Cross is the premiere international humanitarian society, with its roots in Switzerland in 1863.
  3. ^  LOL stands for "laugh out loud" and was one of the earliest examples of internet shorthand.
  4. ^  Lol Tolhurst, Michael Dempsey, and Robert Smith are all members of The Cure.