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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 10
Previous LIAB 48a Next LIAB Text 37 [edit]

Panel 1

Splash panel opens with three decrypted Archons looking down as the Dwagons are Harvested and Hobgobwins are promoted to Heavies, forcing dwagons to Fall into the Atrium. One is using Thinkamancy to send a live feed of the action. Blue Magic lightning from the Tower of Jenga continues to target and croak Yellow Dwagons.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel) [edit]

Panel 2

Sylvia stabs her Red dwagon in the neck, croaking it.[edit]

Sylvia: Croaking is an art, like everything else...
I do it ex-HHEP[1]-tionally well...[2]

Sound: FRAG

Panel 3

Prince Tramennis looks on, mouth agape and eyes wide, and yells. Blue magic lightning continues to arc from the ceiling. Jetstone Archers are in the background, one is shielding his eyes to see better.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: No, I said only the yellows!

Why are other colors falling?

Panel 4

Jack Snipe and Wanda smile knowingly and share a look.[edit]
No text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 5

Jack Snipe and Wanda whap their Dwagon mounts on the head with cane and Arkenpliers respectively, croaking them. Wanda's FRAG sound effect has font and colors similar to Tron, while Jack's has psychedelic purple colors.[edit]
Sound: FRAG FRAG [edit]

Panel 6

Parson looks up with an impassive expression into a Thinkamancy image showing the Spacerock Atrium. Sizemore looks up at Parson. The Gobwin Knob Portal is in the background.[edit]

Parson: And there goes Wanda.

And Jack. I really hope this works.

Sizemore: What's happening?

Panel 7

Parson looks down from the Thinkamancy image and addresses Sizemore. Sizemore is stunned.[edit]

Parson: The dwagons with heavy riders are sinking to the ground. And I've got the other riders harvesting their mounts for food provisions.

Sizemore: In mid-air?

Parson: Yeah.

Some of them will survive the fall and end up in the Court area.

Panel 8

Parson is heard commenting as the descent of a blue dwagon ridden by Jack and a red dwagon ridden by Wanda (carrying the Arkenpliers) are shown.[edit]

Parson: "Wanda needs to be one of the survivors. If she is, then she can get up and decrypt all of our casualties and theirs.

If not... you're off the hook.

Panel 9

Parson can be heard as Wanda winces from the fall, hitting the Atrium floor hard with her red dwagon. Jack on his blue and a yellow dwagon can be seen falling in the background. The Atrium courtyard and gate to the Tower of Jenga can be seen in the background. Blue magic lightning arches near the roof.[edit]
Parson: "There'll be no point in going through the Magic Kingdom." [edit]

Panel 10

Parson is commenting as Wanda is laying Incapacitated on the courtyard floor, her right arm holding the Arkenpliers over he chest and her exposed left shoulder showing a bruise. Her red dwagon is off panel.[edit]
Parson: "If we lose Wanda, we lose the battle." [edit]


  • ^  One possible reference for HHEP is the Health Hazard Evaluation Program, which allows employees to report workplace hazards and have them investigated by the relevant authorities.
  • ^  This is a line from the poem Sylvia composed back in LIAB Text 8