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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 2
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Panel 1

A group of dwagons are shown flying in the air. It can be assumed this is above the city of Spacerock. In the background green hills and blue sky can be seen in the distance. Red, Green, and Purple dwagons can be seen either falling as corpses, or being harvested by their human riders. A smaller number of Pinks and yellows can be seen struggling to fly by rapidly flapping their wings, while their Heavy Hobgobwin riders cause them to sink. A hobgobwin in the foreground looks at his mount while lifting one of his eyebrows in a confused manner.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel) [edit]

Panel 2

This appears to be a page entitled "Situation Room Notes 23, cont."

which is probably in Parson's eyebook. The cover of the book is brown, the pages are cream/white and the notes are written in black text, apparently a standard font used for publishing.

Situation Room Notes 23, cont.

actually send them to the enemy with orders to turn, as a negotiated settlement or peace offering or something.

So you don't always have to disband units if you don't want to pay their upkeep anymore. Some units can also be harvested for food - mostly heavies and mounts, nothing that can talk. You slaughter the unit on one turn, and on the next turn when the corpse depops, free rations pop for units in the same hex.

Also, "harvest" is one more weird magical formality, like our empty slaughterhouse (related?). Need a commander in the same hex as the food unit. You actually have to strike the unit with the intent to harvest, but there's no combat involved. It just croaks. This means I could walk up to a dwagon and kill it with one punch, theoretically. That is almost awesome enough to try.

Self-Sufficiency Hack (?)

I'll have to look at the math of this but it seems like one more piece of the puzzle toward having a side with zero (or positive) upkeep. If you managed your cities (and maybe had a Dittomancer), couldn't you pop more heavies than you need to feed all your units and have a bubble side like Jack was talking about? But that could actually support itself without fighting? It might still have to fend off attacks, though. Or maybe it could act like an agribusiness for the neighbors and buy them off with tributes of cheap food or heavies that cost less than the