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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

The Atrium's glass roof shatters as acidic battlecrap from breaks through, with Yellow Dwagons visible above. Jetstone Infantry look up in panic, some running away or raising their arms to protect themselves from falling glass and battlecrap.[edit]
Sound: S-BOMB [edit]

Panel 2

A Hobgobwin Knight, mounted on and surrounded by Yellow Dwagons (and a Blue dwagon mostly out of frame), points his sword through the ruined roof of the Atrium and orders the Yellow's to target unled infantry.[edit]
Hobgobwin: Target unled infantry! [edit]

Panel 3

The Atrium courtyard is filling with the corpses of Jetstone infantry, some are still running to avoid the acidic battlecrap, which is swerving to hit targets. Duke Lacrosse is in the background, yelling to Duke Antium for orders, who yells back to wait for orders from the tower. Antium is missing his right arm and part of his cape due to acid damage, he's looking around assessing the situation.[edit]

Captain Price: Evacuate the Atrium?


Adam Antium: Not until we have orders!

Stand firm! Croak any fallen riders!

Panel 4

King Slately, Tramennis and Ossomer down on the Dwagon bombardment, Slately is outraged. Some Jetstone Archers are in the foreground, Dwagons are in the background.[edit]

King Slately: Of all the incomprehensible gall!

Sound: S-BOMB


Panel 5

Slately grimaces in anger, makes a fist and turns to the archers, ordering a volley. Tramennis scowls but isn't enraged, he turns as well and holds his hand open, belaying the order. Rows of dwagons fly in the background.[edit]

King Slately: All units! Destroy the enemy flyers!

Prince Tramennis: No! Belay that!

Archers hold!

Panel 6

Trammenis continues giving orders with hand still open, he continues to turn towards the archers. Slately squints his eyes up at Tramennis in discontent. Ossomer keeps looking down, several rows of dwagons in the background.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Casters! Shoot down the yellows only!

Use only stored spells from the tower! Save your own juice. No scrolls!

And evacuate the Atrium!

Panel 7

Slately, scowling, turns to Trammenis with arm lifted and challenges him for refusing an order. Tramennis narrows his eyes and continues scowling down at his father and explains. Several rows of dwagons are in the background.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: And *I* am Chief Warlord, Father.

King Slately: Yes, very well.

But explain yourself, Warlord.

Panel 8

Crackling bolts of magic radiate from the tower of Jenga and hit the frontmost stack of Yellow Dwagons, some are being croaked and beginning to fall. The back stacks of other colored dwagons are unharmed. The city of Spacerock can be seen below and the horizon in the background. A mass of Jetstone Archers can be seen in the tower.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Right. Look, with holes in the roof, we would be risking friendly casualties with arrows. At least until the Court area is evacuated...

King Slately: No, I meant why only yellows!

Why not the witch and the rest?

Prince Tramennis: Oh.

Panel 9

Trammenis is facing the banister, he addresses King Slately with face half turned and a disappointed look. Blue bolts of magic can be seen dancing on a tower pole, with an archer looking forward impassively in the background.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: He is posturing, Father. Trying to unsettle us.

Showing his contempt by doing the only thing he can, while he can.

Panel 10

Ossomer continues to look down at the scene below while riding the Flying Carpet, his expression is oddly blank. Tramennis looks at Ossomer with a sad, tired look while continuing to address king Slately. Slately holds up an arm and shields his eyes from the sun to get a better look at the action below. Some of the archers in the background begin to look offended.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: So we will wait out his tantrum, and tack on the damage in reparations.

And this is your way now, is it Ossomer?

Panel 11

Ossomer turns to leave the parley, crestfallen and slumping. Tramennis holds out an arm and points at him, scowling angrily and ordering him to stay. Slately looks pensive. Rows of archers are in the background. Blue bolts of lightning crackle overhead, giving the scene a pale blue glow.[edit]

Ossomer: I am... truly sorry, brother.

I will withdraw.

Prince Tramennis: No you will hold your position, "brother!"

I will be speaking with your Chief Warlord presently!

Panel 12

Parson, fully equipped and holding the eyebook, looks up while giving Maggie orders to relay to Wanda. Maggie closes her eyes and tilts her head while relaying the order, she is facing Parson. Sizemore stands beside Parson, shoulders slumping and looking conflicted. All are in front of Gobwin Knob's Portal, which is framed by two red columns decorated with gold dwagons[edit]

Maggie: The tower is engaging the yellow dwagon stacks, Lord. We've lost four... now five...

Parson: Arright, perfect.

I hereby promote all of our Hobgobwin units in the airspace to heavy units.

Panel 13

Wanda holds the Arkenpliers overhead, ready to strike down at her Red dwagon. She's smiling faintly as the wind whips her hair. A Blue dwagon is partially in frame.[edit]

Parson: "Give Wanda the 'go' order.

Tell her: let's do lunch."