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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

A Jetstone warlord is in the room where Cubbins and Ace Hardware are talking. King Slately and Prince Tramennis enter the room through a double doored entrance from a room where three unipegataurs are standing at attention.[edit]

Cubbins: There he is.

Ace Hardware: There he is!

Your Highness!

Panel 2

Ace Hardware gets the attention of Prince Tramennis as he and King Slately are walking past two Jetstone guards.[edit]

Ace: Highness!

Prince Tramennis! A moment of your time!

Prince Tramennis: Mm?

Panel 3

Facing the viewer, Ace joyfully is handing a jet pack for Tramennis to wear on his back, showing great pride in his work. It is clearly designed with the yellow and red signamancy of Jetstone.[edit]
Ace: We've fabricated an item for you. [edit]

Panel 4

King Slately reaches out his hand to stop Ace as Ace advances toward Tramennis to show off his workmanship.[edit]

Ace: So if I could just show you how it works...

King Slately: No, he hasn't a moment, Dollamancer!

Not for that.

Move aside!

Panel 5

King Slately and Tramennis discuss things as they walk between two columns of guards in formation.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Yes, after the parley, Ace.

Go back into formation.

Panel 6

A view from above showing the Tower of Jenga and the arrayed Gobwin Knob dwagons.[edit]

Maggie: "The King and Prince of Jetstone are now signaling for parley, Lord."

Parson: "Arright, good. Send Ossomer in alone."

Panel 7

A view of the portal room in Gobwin Knob, showing Parson sitting looking at a book, with Maggie and Sizemore talking with him.[edit]

Maggie: What are his orders?

Parson: Just tell him to stall. We won't need long.

Sizemore: Warlord, you can't.

Panel 8

Parson scowls at an anxious Sizemore. They are silhouetted in front of the glowing green Gobwin Knob portal.[edit]

Parson: Can't?

Physically can't?

Sizemore: No, you mustn't, I mean.

Panel 9

Ossomer, mounted on his rolled up flying carpet, leads a flight of dwagons towards the Tower of Jenga.

There are at least five yellow dwagons, a blue, and a pink.

Sizemore: "It's forbidden by convention. You don't attack through portals. You can't-

You don't send a caster from the Magic Kingdom to enter a city you don't control!"

Panel 10

In the foreground, Parson is talking to Sizemore, as Maggie in the background listens.[edit]

Parson: Yeah. And I'm not a caster, I'm a warlord.

Sizemore: The same principle applies!

Parson: Who says?

I don't think it does.

Panel 11

Nine yellow dwagons and seven pink dwagons are flying in place, clearly putting the Tower of Jenga under siege.[edit]

Parson: "They don't recognize my right to even go into the Magic Kingdom.

So why do I have to play by their rules?

Anyway, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

Sizemore: Warlord...

Panel 12

Bird's eye, or likely, Ossomer's eye, view, looking over a railing and down on Tramennis and Slately, flanked by rows of Jetstone archers at attention. Tramennis has his fist to his chest, indicating earnestness.[edit]

Parson: "Look, Sizemore... we might not even go.

But if we do, you don't have to go through to Spacerock with me.

Just get me to the portal safely."

Prince Tramennis: Brother, it pains me to see you this way.

Panel 13

Side view of Ossomer, hovering on his rolled magic carpet, outside the railing of the Tower of Jenga, and talking to Tramennis, a silent Slately, and rows Jetstone archers at attention. Ossomer is large, imposing, and serious, while Tramennis spreads his arms and gestures mockingly.[edit]

Ossomer: Yes, I would imagine it-

Prince Tramennis: Ansom!

Now Ansom could, admittedly, pull off the scarlet-and-black.

But I'm sorry, that is an atrocious look on you.