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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

A Decrypted Archon hovers in front of the balcony of Spacerock's Tower, her hands up in what appears to be the Thinkagram gesture. Several Jetstone infantry gather around a man in courtly garb, who is holding up a scroll for the Archon to read.[edit]

Maggie: "A dictate from Jetstone, Lord.

Our forces in the airspace are ordered away from the tower."

Panel 2

As they walk down a hallway in Gobwin Knob, Maggie looks up at Parson, who appears surprised. Parson is wearing his Hamstard armor, his animal-skin cloak, his Mathamancy bracer, another bracer with spikes on it, and a sword belted at his waist.[edit]

Maggie: As conditions to formal parley, all Foolamancy must be dispelled, and our forces must assemble over the garrison, within range of their archers and casters.

Lord Hamster: Oh, no.

Panel 3

Parson and Maggie head through a door to Gobwin Knob's portal room.[edit]

Lord Hamster: No, we couldn't be that lucky.

Maggie: Lord?

Lord Hamster: Do it.

Panel 4

Bird's eye view of the portal room, plain gray walls and floor, with one rectangular raised block serving as a kind of table. Parson and Maggie have walked through the red and yellow door, the one bit of color in the room, and are approaching Sizemore who waits for them standing behind the table, with his shovel leaning against it.[edit]

Lord Hamster: Have Wanda comply, to the letter.

But make sure she puts screening stacks between her and the tower.

Hey, Sizemore.

Sizemore: Warlord.

Panel 5

Parson, in horned cloak, spiked bracer, and holding his staff, looms over Sizemore.[edit]

Lord Hamster: Got a problem for you.

How's your juice?

Sizemore: Um. I'm full.

Panel 6

Parson looks down on Sizemore. The red and yellow door is in the background.[edit]

Lord Hamster: Good. Okay, you said you can cast in the Magic Kingdom, right?

Sizemore: Yes...

Lord Hamster: Can you tunnel?

Sizemore: Tunnel.

Panel 7

Parson stands at the block table, right hand on his staff, left hand on a large book, both lying on the table. A blue scabbarded sword lies beside the staff. Sizemore, his hands on the table edge, looks up at Parson. In the background, Maggie studies something out of frame.[edit]

Lord Hamster: Yeah, can you?

Sizemore: Well, yes.

Lord Hamster: Good.

Panel 8

Head and shoulders view of Parson, asking a question.[edit]
Lord Hamster: Now can you tunnel under Portal Park, all the way from our portal to the one that goes to Spacerock? [edit]

Panel 9

Sizemore responds, right hand raised to his chest, left hand on table edge.[edit]

Sizemore: I... can.

... why would I?

Panel 10

Parson leans back against the table edge, while Sizemore looks up at him. The red and yellow door is in the background.[edit]
Lord Hamster: Because you always wanted to see a big fat guy do a fifty-yard dash in a suit of armor, underground? [edit]

Panel 11

Parson fails at hoisting himself up onto the table, as his cape catches on the edge. Sizemore looks on. A pillar of the portal to the Magic Kingdom is in the background; it is red, with a sinuous golden Dwagon winding around it. The portal itself is glowing with swirling green patterns.[edit]

Lord Hamster: Erf--



Panel 12

Parson sits on the table, his cape tucked underneath him, looking down at the book open on his lap. Sizemore stands beside the table, looking on.[edit]

Sizemore: I'm... pretty sure I haven't.

Lord Hamster: I have.

This place needs YouTube.