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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 8
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Panel 1

Prince Tramennis gestures excitedly.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Isn't he.

I mean he terrifies Charlie!

Panel 2

A collage of images show Parson and Maggie perusing items in the Armory, observed by a grim-faced twoll. Maggie touches the haft of some unseen weapon as Parson inspects a spear and a ball-topped cane. Also on the long table are a sword, a C-shaped red bracelet, a red-heart-in-clear-heart amulet, and a blue bomb.[1] Parson straps a large bracer bearing several blades[2] to his right arm, then walks off wearing a light brown cloak. On top of this we see images of a long sword and Wanda's old skull-topped staff.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Where's the harm in it, really?

It's not as if he could pull the same trickery that got Ansom.

Panel 3

Prince Tramennis comes around to King Slately's side. Tramennis' many papers are now all stacked in the satchel on the desk; Slately's are still out.[edit]

King Slately: I don't know.

Prince Tramennis: Besides, I want to ask Ossomer some questions about Decryption.

Panel 4

A twoll helps Parson buckle on his sword. Parson is wearing a hide cloak and bladed bracer and carrying a staff. Maggie stands to one side and all around them are items that went unchosen, including bladed pads and helmet, shield, and swords.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Honestly, what could they do?

King Slately: I don't know.

Perhaps bomb the tower?

Prince Tramennis: Mm, with the yellow dwagons, yes.

Panel 5

Several dwagons, including many yellow dwagons, bearing black-and-red clad Gobwin Knob warlords, hover over a cloud, safely out of range of the scores of tiny Jetstone archers that fill the landing of the huge tower of Spacerock.[edit]
Prince Tramennis: We'll just have to make them move off first. [edit]

Panel 6

Tramennis tugs at King Slately's hands to pull him out of his chair.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Come on, let's go.[3]

You want answers as badly as I do, Father.

King Slately: Unlikely.

Panel 7

A closeup of Parson's grim face is laid against an image of him stalking the hallway with Maggie trailing meekly behind.[edit]
Prince Tramennis: Come! What's the worst that could happen? [edit]

Panel 8

King Slately uses a hook to retrieve his red cape off of a standing coat tree while looking offscreen over his left shoulder.[edit]

King Slately: The worst?

The Titans could hear you ask such a question.


  1. ^  The bracelet, heart amulet, bomb, and possibly the sword all reference items from the Zelda line of games.
  2. ^  The sword Parson chose is a likely reference to Glamdring, of the Lord of the Rings narrative.
  3. ^  The bracer is clearly an homage to Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  4. ^  The leftmost sword, blue wand, and shield all reference items from the Zelda line of games.
  5. ^  The bracer and bladed armor are clearly an homage to Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  6. ^  "Come On, Let's Go" was the first single released by Ritchie Valens, in 1958. It reached #42 on the US pop chart. Valens would die in a plane crash less than a year later.