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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Prince Tramennis sits in a plus maroon and gold chair, holding two documents in front of him, his arms resting on a brown satchel in his lap. Behind him is a red cape on a coat rack.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: So what we learn from this is that Ansom was croaked in a false surrender parley.

And then Lord Hamster used a Thinkamancy link to turn the entire mountain into a Dirtamancy trap.

Panel 2

Prince Tramennis and King Slately sit on opposite sides of a long desk. Slately's chair is wider and more opulent. In front of him are six sheets of paper. In front of Tramennis are at least a dozen in a semicircle, including a full-color photo, seemingly of the Volcano Uncroaking of Gobwin Knob. In his hands is a blue-colored Thinkamancy-style image of Parson Gotti.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: And he was able to enter the Magic Kingdom.

King Slately: Indeed.

Prince Tramennis: He's some kind of Mathamancer, also.

Extraordinary fellow.

Panel 3

The panel shows a closeup of Tramennis's right hand, holding a picture of Lord Hamster. In the background, King Slately has more documents in front of him as he looks directly at Tramennis.[edit]

King Slately: That is one word for him.

Prince Tramennis: But all this tells us, Father, is that Charlie doesn't want us talking to this man.

Panel 4

Leaning back in his chair, Prince Tramennis coolly regards the image of Parson Gotti.[edit]
Prince Tramennis: Which could be for the reasons he states, that this unlikely-looking Warlord is some transcendent tactical genius. [edit]

Panel 5

An irate-looking King Slately puts a finger down onto his documents.[edit]

King Slately: He has made a compelling case.

Prince Tramennis: Perhaps. But it's ever so clear that Charlie fears this Warlord's power.

Panel 6

Prince Tramennis speaks with eyelids lowered. Behind him are a plush maroon couch, a tall candelabra with red candles, and two mounted dwagon heads: a red and a blue.[edit]
Prince Tramennis: And I wonder if it isn't just... that he fears that power falling into the wrong hands. Fears Jetstone will ally with Gobwin Knob [edit]

Panel 7

Prince Tramennis holds up a document and raises his eyebrows in response to King Slately. Behind Tramennis is a maroon-curtained four-poster bed. Only bits of Slately are visible around the back of his chair, but among them are his boots, which despite significant platforms, dangle far off the floor.[edit]

King Slately: Ally...

With Stanley?

No, he would know that's preposterous.

Prince Tramennis: Mn. It's not entirely so.

Panel 8

Prince Tramennis smiles as he regards the stack of papers in his hands. Behind him is the high vaulted ceiling with a series of arches, marble-colored with gold inlay over the maroon-colored lower walls.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: We are in a position of great leverage here.

We are about to recover the Arkenpliers, and therefore stop all this "Decryption" witchery.

The war changes today.

Ends, in some senses.

Panel 9

Prince Tramennis closes his eyes and drops his five papers onto the satchel resting on the desk.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: But they are still a terribly powerful side.

Gobwin Knob could still eventually crush the Coalition, even without the ability to Decrypt our fallen.

Panel 10

Squinting and pulling up his lower lip, King Slately leans forward.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: We could bargain with them in earnest, Father.

King Slately: Bargain.

Of what sort?

Panel 11

Prince Tramennis leans forward and smiles. Over his right shoulder are a tall set of bookshelves complete with ladder.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Oh, say we keep the Arkenpliers and the Croakamancer. Perhaps[1] execute her to be sure.

...and we'd need to take the Archons, for Charlie's bounty.

But then we let Ossomer and the rest go free, in exchange for a contract of non-aggression, bound with, say, a million Shmucker penalty?

Panel 12

Prince Tramennis pops out of his seat excitedly, placing his hands on the edge of the desk. King Slately skeptically strokes his beard. To Tramennis' right and Stately's left are the bookshelves, above them large busts of Men reading books.[edit]

King Slately: ...

You know, I think you just want to talk to this Warlord.

Prince Tramennis: Well, he's fascinating.