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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

The panel is diagonally split between two scenes. In the upper left, Jillian is speaking, with a megalogwiff looming in the background and a gwiffon and its rider visible a bit further away. In the lower right, Tramennis is standing in front of an ornate wall in the Jetstone palace style.[edit]

Jillian Zamussels: Jillian Zamussels, Queen of Faq.

Tramennis: Prince Tramennis, Chief Warlord of Jetstone.

Panel 2

This panel is split by a bright blue line running top to bottom. On the left side, Jillian stands with an impatient expression facing an Archon with dark shoulder-length hair. On the right side, Tramennis grins as he faces an Archon with neck-length light brown hair. Both Archons are seen from behind and are wearing stewardess-style blue uniforms. Both Jillian and Tramennis are standing in Thinkspace; a dark room lit by a single beam of light from above. This is similar to the scene where Parson contacted Charlie; however, Jillian and Tramennis are each in the same outfit they were wearing before initiating the contact.[edit]
Archons: Please hold, your Highness. [edit]

Panel 3

A view of the Arkendish atop Charlie's tower, sparkling with power.[edit]
Archons: Charlie is on another call at the moment. [edit]

Panel 4

In the Gobwin Knob Situation Room, Parson is speaking to a Thinkagram image of Wanda. Maggie is standing in front of him, her fingers making a rectangular frame as she maintains the communication.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Arright, so that's the plan, Wanda.
It's simple, it's dumb, it's a cheat, and it may not work.

Panel 5

Wanda addresses a Thinkagram image of Parson. In the background a large group of dwagons flies above Jack's illusory fog.[edit]

Parson: And if it does work, it'll be a mess.
We're gonna lose most of you, anyway.

Wanda: It will work.

Parson: But... I'm sorry, there's no other option.

Panel 6

Back in the Situation Room, Parson continues the conversation with Wanda. He is slumping a bit and looking stressed. In the foreground, Maggie's hands are still making a rectangular frame as she maintains the Thinkagram.[edit]

Parson Gotti: We just proved we can't parley with Jetstone.

Parson Gotti: And if we do nothing, they'll shoot you down.

Panel 7

Ossomer, Lady Sylvia Lazarus, and Jack Snipe, mounted on their respective dwagons, are lined up in the foreground. Further back in the fog is Wanda Firebaugh's dwagon. More dwagons can be seen in the background.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: As I have told you, Lord Parson, you are an instrument of Fate.

Wanda Firebaugh: Your plan will succeed. Although likely at some terrible cost.

Panel 8

Back at Gobwin Knob, Parson Gotti shows just a trace of a rueful grin as he replies to Wanda's image.[edit]

Parson Gotti: You are the most emo optimist I've ever met.

Parson Gotti: Stay alive, Wanda.

Panel 9

A head-and-shoulder view of Parson's Thinkagram image dominates the frame. His expression is grim and serious. Jack and his dwagon can be seen over Parson's right shoulder, with a few more dwagons in the background.[edit]

Parson Gotti: By any means.

Parson Gotti: That's an order.

Parson Gotti: Break.

Panel 10

Back in the Situation Room, the Thinkagram is ended. Parson Gotti is seen from behind, facing to his right to address Maggie.[edit]

Parson Gotti: She says this is fated to work.

Parson Gotti: Hope she's right.

Maggie: Oh?

Maggie: Do you?

Panel 11

Parson and Maggie are both seen from behind. Parson is slouching a bit.[edit]

Maggie: You hope our ends are ultimately predetermined and inescapable, Lord?

Parson Gotti: Heh.

Panel 12

Parson is leaning down with his arms braced on the Situation Room table, his eyes closed and his expression pained. Maggie is turned toward him with a troubled look of her own.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Not really, no.

Parson Gotti: But... I hope it does work.