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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

A gleeful King Slately has both fists on the table.[edit]

King Slately: Yes! This explains everything!

King Slately: I was positively certain she was a traitor!

Panel 2

Prince Tramennis leans back into his chair, holding one arm up lazily, eyes hooded, one eyebrow cocked. Behind him is a pink canopy bed.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: "Traitor" is pretty over the top, really.

Prince Tramennis: Don't you think?

Panel 3

King Slately grins wickedly.[edit]

King Slately: Hardly!

King Slately: I expressly forbade any member of the Royal Crown Coalition from allying with Charlescomm.

Panel 4

A somewhat aerial view of King Slately and Prince Tramennis at Slately's desk. Slately is dwarfed by his throne and desk; Tramennis fits his chair more normally, but is likewise too small for the desk.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: They didn't ally with Charlescomm, Father.

Prince Tramennis: Not technically.

Prince Tramennis: Nor do we know if Queen Jillian even hired Charlie.

Prince Tramennis: The impression I got was that he was working against Gobwin Knob on his own initiative, in concert with Faq.

Prince Tramennis: And at any rate, the results are plain enough.

Panel 5

Lowering his gaze but raising his eyebrows, Tramennis speaks. King Slately stands up in his chair indignantly. In the background, a red dwagon head is mounted on the wall.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Charlie, in actual fact, saved us all.

King Slately: Impossible!

Panel 6

King Slately stomps around his desk while Tramennis calmly sits in his seat and gestures with one hand. To the side of the desk by the wall is a coat rack far too tall for either royal to make any use of.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Think of it. Without that fancy Turnamancy, Stanley would have taken this city and ended Jetstone forever!

Prince Tramennis: And Haggar would have defected at the least opportunity.

Prince Tramennis: Charlie forced them into the fight.

King Slately: Why!

Panel 7

In a tight under-the-chin angle, we see King Slately, standing, and Prince Tramennis, seated, now at eye level. The conversation grows heated, and we can see the high vaulted ceiling above.[edit]

King Slately: Tell me why, then!

King Slately: He must be a Toolist. He is attuned to an Arkentool!

Prince Tramennis: Well, I'm sure I don't know.

Panel 8

Now standing, Tramennis cocks an eyebrow and smiles.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: But I believe...

Prince Tramennis: Yes.

Prince Tramennis: I believe I am going to ask him.

Panel 9

An enraged King Slately points aggressively at his remaining son. Ever the diplomat, Tramennis holds his arms out to the side in placating gesture.[edit]

King Slately: Absolutely not!

Prince Tramennis: Father...

Prince Tramennis: I think you'll agree there is a great deal more going on in this battle than we know about.

Prince Tramennis: And I think you'll also agree that ignorance leaves us vulnerable.

Panel 10

King Slately crosses his arms and frowns.[edit]

King Slately: It need not.

King Slately: We have the forces to win now.

King Slately: Ossomer certainly didn't need to consult the enemy before every battle.

Panel 11

Tramennis stands his ground wearing a firm but fairly neutral look. Behind him in an alcove is a statue of a robed figure.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Yes, well you don't have the warrior son for Chief Warlord now.

Prince Tramennis: You've got the diplomat.

Prince Tramennis: And I care to understand what's actually going on.

Panel 12

King Slately scowls as Tramennis turns away with a weary and somewhat annoyed look.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Besides. If you want Ossomer's counsel, you can yet have it.

Prince Tramennis: I plan to have a talk with him, as well.