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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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A view from the side shows King Slately sitting in a massive red and gold throne-like chair behind a desk, looking up at a Thinkagram image of Don King hovering over the desk. The desk is decorated on front and side with the Jetstone radish livery, and on top lies a short sword or dagger with the point towards Slately. Facing the desk is a smaller chair, also in red and gold. In the background are a bookcase, a couch, a ladder leaning on the bookcase, and a black hooded robe displayed over the bookcase. In the foreground bottom right is an ornate tea set sitting on top of a small round table, and an armchair facing it.


Narrator: King Slately's Stateroom Spacerock, Capital of Jetstone

King Slately: By whatever odd means... yes, Queen Jillian did save us.

King Slately: I thank you for sending her to our aid.

Don King: Hey.

Don King: You're welcome.