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Book (LIAB)
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Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

A view from the side shows King Slately sitting in a massive red and gold throne-like chair behind a desk, looking up at a Thinkagram image of Don King hovering over the desk. The desk is decorated on front and side with the Jetstone radish livery, and on top lies a short sword or dagger with the point towards Slately. Facing the desk is a smaller chair, also in red and gold. In the background are a bookcase, a couch, a ladder leaning on the bookcase, and a black hooded robe displayed over the bookcase. In the foreground bottom right is an ornate tea set sitting on top of a small round table, and an armchair facing it.[edit]

Narrator: King Slately's Stateroom Spacerock, Capital of Jetstone

King Slately: By whatever odd means... yes, Queen Jillian did save us.

King Slately: I thank you for sending her to our aid.

Don King: Hey.

Don King: You're welcome.

Panel 2

A close view of Slately from behind and to the right of the Thinkagram image of Don King. Slately is frowning, his eyes slightly narrowed and his brow somewhat furrowed.[edit]

King Slately: But I must confess, Don: even now, my feelings about the Barbarian Queen are ambivalent.

King Slately: She held a long parley with the great enemy witch, then left the city without engaging.

King Slately: It strikes me as deeply suspicious.

Panel 3

A close view of Don King seated in his throne, his head turned to his left to face the Thinkagram image between the hands of Bunny. His regalia consists of a breastplate bearing a blue-and white floral pattern and the crest of Transylvito in the center, his crown, and a long dark red velvet cape with white and red trim. Don's face is serious and set.[edit]

King Slately: As does that turn-ending spell.

King Slately: That was no ordinary Turnamancy that she-

Don King: Slately.

Panel 4

An oblique close view from above of Don King looking into the Thinkagram image. His left hand is gesturing somewhat, and his expression is affable but firm.[edit]

Don King: I'll talk to her.

Don King: How 'bout you just forget about her and focus on finishing this thing?

Panel 5

A close view of Slately from behind and to the left of the Thinkagram image of Don King. Slately's hands are firmly on his desk, and his expression is resolute and determined.[edit]

King Slately: Yes, I shall.

King Slately: My remaining son will be here presently, to lead the final slaughter.

King Slately: By the Titans' will.

Panel 6

A close view directly facing Don King's face, still turned to his left to look into the Thinkagram image between Bunny's hands. Don has a small grin on his face as he scratches his chin with his left thumb. In the Thinkagram image, Slately is hanging his head.[edit]

Don King: Yeah. Tramennis. He did a number on Stanley's ground forces, didn't he?

Don King: Strikes me as a good general, in general. Heh.

King Slately: I suppose.

Panel 7

A view from behind and to the left of Slately's throne. Slately is looking dejectedly to one side as the Thinkagram image of Don King hovers at an angle over the desk, with the image's face directed towards Slately.[edit]

Don King: Guess you never seemed too keen on him, though.

King Slately: He was never much lead, I guess.

King Slately: He is not an heir. We'll have none, for sixteen more turns.

Panel 8

A close front view, shifted right, of Slately in his throne, his head slightly bowed, his eyes closed, and one hand to his temple as his expression shows great frustration.[edit]

King Slately: We haven't the Schmuckers to designate him. Our treasury has been emptied by this fight.

King Slately: I've had to disband some garrison units in outlying cities, and may raze one of them for upkeep.

Sound Effect: NOCK NOCK

Jetstone Guard: Sire?

Panel 9

An oblique view from below and to the left of Slately's desk. Slately's hand is still on his head, and the Thinkagram image is grayed out by ambient light. A door is open on the wall opposite the desk, and a guard is sticking his head in. On that wall are two mounted dwagon heads, one red and one blue. On the wall to Slately's right are statues of men resembling Slately and wearing crowns.[edit]

King Slately: As it is, we've had most field units wasting move hunting and foraging.

King Slately: We have harvested three Sourmanders we can scarce afford to spare.

King Slately: With the end of this fight, we may finally-

Jetstone Guard: Sire?

King Slately: Yes what is it!

Panel 10

A view over Slately's left shoulder as he looks up and slightly left, his eyes now open but his hand still to his temple. Prince Tramennis walks in with a wide grin on his face and his arms spread, as a disconcerted guard leans away from him and a warlord peeks around the doorjamb. The Thinkagram image of Don King still floats over the desk, his expression quizzical.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: It's me, Father!

King Slately: Oh, uh, farewell, Don.

King Slately: Break.

Panel 11

A view from over the desk of Tramennis, still grinning as he stands by the chair in front of it. In the background, the guard is bowing as he closes the door.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Home from the war!

Prince Tramennis: Well, not really, the war's here too, of course.

Panel 12

A close view from over the desk of Tramennis throwing himself into the chair in an undignified slouch, a sardonic and slightly manic grin on his face.[edit]

Sound Effect: FLARF[1]

Prince Tramennis: But just guess who I found out is running it?


  1. ^  A 21st century poetry movement pioneered by the Flarfist Collective, based on several poems submitted by Gary Sullivan to (to test their "standards"(it's a scam)), including "Flarf Balonacy Swingle."