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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

An oblique view from above shows a wide view of the opulent main hall of Transylvito. On the near side of a long table stand several Transylvito warlords; Don King and Bunny are seated on the opposite side. Beyond the ends of the table stand four other figures, two of them bearing trays and one apparently chained to the floor.[edit]

Narrator: Royal Warroom/Ballroom, Transylvito.

Don King: All right, people. Listen to me.

Don King: Things as they stand now are as follows...

Panel 2

A large group of gwiffons and megalogwiffs, some of them mounted, is seen from behind and above as it flies over the a river with a road running alongside it.[edit]

Don King: Our primary agent, Jillian, Queen of Faq, has split the enemy forces and forced an end to their turn.

Caesar Borgata: Yeah, then she split the scene.

Panel 3

In the foreground are Don King and Bunny, seen from behind. Bunny's hand is on the armrest of Don King's throne. Beyond them, on the other side of the table, stand Caesar Borgata and several other Transylvito warlords.[edit]

Don King: That's correct, Caesar. She did. After first achieving her primary strategic objective, then capturing Stanley's Chief Warlord.

Don King: And without losing a single unit.

Panel 4

A closeup view of Don King, who looks rather pleased with himself.[edit]

Don King: You should be happy.

Don King: I know you're very concerned about our investment in those flyers of hers. More so, perhaps, even than I myself am. Haha!

Panel 5

Caesar Borgata is leaning forward with one hand on the table railing and the other holding a figurine of a megalogwiff, scowling angrily. Behind him to his right stand Dewy Tulips and a figure resembling Benjamin Franklin. The latter is clearly not a Transylvito Vampire; his skintone is pink rather than gray-green and his eyes are blue rather than red.[edit]

Caesar Borgata: This wasn't the plan, Don.

Caesar Borgata: The whole idea was she's supposed to take out that Croakamancer with the 'pliers.

Panel 6

A closeup view of Jillian, her hair blowing in the wind and the hilt of her sword prominently visible over her shoulder. In the background are several gwiffons and megalogwiffs.[edit]

Don King: Caesar, Queen Jillian is a Ruler in her own right.

Don King: That was the point of placing her on the throne, understand?

Don King: So if she sees bigger gains in striking Gobwin Knob's peripheral cities now, then I defer to her judgment.

Panel 7

A tankeroo with Tramennis riding in its pouch hops up to the gates of Spacerock. The front rank of his forces can be seen marching behind him, including infantry units and a cloth golem.[edit]

Don King: Now, Jetstone's new Chief Warlord, Prince Tramennis...he's up to the main job.

Don King: He already mopped up their ground units.

Don King: With good numbers, and very few losses.

Panel 8

A doombat hangs upside down from an upper branch of Spacerock's topmost spire. The Jetstone radish is prominently visible on the central post.[edit]
Don King: I can see him marching into the city, now. [edit]

Panel 9

The upper reaches of the main tower of Spacerock dominates the foreground. Beyond it hovers Wanda's expeditionary force of dwagons and decrypted archons. Part of the city of Spacerock can be seen on the ground below.[edit]

Don King: He looks good.

Don King: Regal.

Panel 10

A monochrome image with dark and light horizontal lines (resembling security-camera footage) shows a doombat's-eye view of the Gobwin Knob force.[edit]

Caption: Bat*3

Don King: Like a Prince ought to, you know what I'm saying?

Panel 11

Don King leans toward Bunny, who is holding her left hand up to her temple and frowning slightly.[edit]

Don King: Bunny, when the battle starts I want you to send that bat's view to everybody in here.

Don King: Should be good.

Don King: But right now, give me a full Thinkagram to King Slately.