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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 2
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Panel 1

Parson Gotti and Jack Snipe are standing at the tactical table in the Gobwin Knob Situation Room. Parson looks thoughtful, holding his left hand up to his chin while pointing at the table with his right hand. On the table is an semi-transparent image of a tower surrounded by a number of dwagons.

Jack is dressed in the Jokeresque outfit he wore during Book 2, Issue 1; however, his presence at Gobwin Knob indicates that this scene is a flashback, set before the beginning of the current campaign.
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 2

As before, the right-hand page of a book with gold corners is displayed. The page is full of text, which cuts off in mid-sentence (presumably continued to the next page, which is not shown).[edit]

Situation Room Notes 11

Gravity Exception for Archery Off-Turn?

We were gaming a dwagon attack on a Level 4 city today, and I asked Jack about where the boundary between the airspace and the garrison was. He gave me that "you're pretty dumb for a smart guy" look and told me he "supposed it was the ground".

I said, "no when you're in the airspace of an enemy city and you shoot an arrow, where does it land?" He said if you shot it outside of the city or at the tower it would stick in the air. I said right but what about the ground? He said "things fall down, don't they? Everyone and everything falls down."

So my idea about non-archers throwing bricks out of the tower to the courtyard extends to mounted flyers. In a city airspace, they could just drop arrows or whatever, and yellow dwagons can crap from the airspace off turn.

Could be useful. I wanna talk to Sizemore about bombs. Maybe he can do portable Dirtamancy traps we could drop from dwagons.

Falling Dudes

So then we got into the rules about falling people. Because I was like "why can't mounted flyers just fly down close to the ground and jump off their mounts to cross zones?"

Answer: it counts as a "fall" in the physics of Erfworld. It's natural Shockmancy. When you fall, one of three things happens: you are injured (possibly only slightly), you are incapacitated (you croak in one turn if not given Healomancy), or you just croak. Height of the fall does seem to have some bearing on that, but it's essentially random. You can croak from a three foot fall.

So if you get dismounted, it's a fall. Knocked off a tower or a wall? Fall. Your flying mount is shot out from under you? Fall. Flyers that can capture an enemy unit can then release it in midair to cause a fall. Weirdomancers can cancel a flyer's special to make it fall (or make a non-flyer fly, then dispel it and cause a fall). There's a lot of