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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Maggie, looking concerned, stands on one side of the planning table as Parson Gotti, in his Hamstard breastplate and carrying his eyebook, approaches the other side. Smiling, he holds his right arm across his waist, extending his index, middle, and pinky fingers while retracting thumb and ring fingers.[1]


Narrator: Parson Gotti, a.k.a. Lord Hamster.

Maggie: Negotiations are going rather poorly, I'm afraid.

Parson: Shocker.[2]

Narrator: He was magically summoned to Erfworld from a strange and pointless reality called "Earth".

  1. ^ The hand position is called the shocker, and has been used in surreptitious cameos.
  2. ^ Parson mentions the gesture by name.