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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

Prince Sammy and his troops are seen from behind as they engage the enemy forces. In front of Sammy and just to his right stand two enemy twolls, one raising a hefty club and another hefting a large rock. In the background, behind several ranks of infantry, Ansom can be seen on his spidew mount.[edit]

Prince Sammy: Spread the news for all to hear!

Prince Sammy: We've come to fight, let's make that clear!

You push too hard, you're gonna fall!

Panel 2

The viewpoint of this scene is just behind two of Wanda's decrypted infantry. Between them can be seen several Haggar troops, with Sammy himself just behind and at least another half-dozen rows of troops beyond. In the background can be seen a city, presumably Spacerock. A group of gwiffons and megalogwiffs fly above the Haggar column.[edit]

Prince Sammy: We got five hundred rockers! We're all on guard, yeah!

Haggar Infantry: Yeah!

Haggar Infantry: Yeah!

Panel 3

Two decrypted units stare open-mouthed in apparent surprise as one of the pair is 'dusted' by Sammy's axe.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 4

Seen from above, Jillian looks down upon at Ansom (still mounted on his spidew) and Sammy (standing with his axe held out behind him, ready for a full-power swing), who are closing for a direct confrontation.[edit]

Ansom: Prince Sammy....

Prince Sammy: It's man to man!

Prince Sammy: As we stand!

Eye to eye!

Queen Jillian Zamussels: Aw, no.

Panel 5

Ansom has his sword out and scowls down at Sammy, who is delivering a high kick to the head of Ansom's spidew.[edit]
Prince Sammy: Winner takes it all! [edit]

Panel 6

Ansom and Sammy are seen in profile, glaring and gritting their teeth at each other. Sammy's axe and Ansom's sword are at center frame between them, the two weapons blocking each other for the moment. The belly of Jillian's megalogwiff is just above them. In the background beyond the two leaders, the battle continues to rage.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: 'Zis your objective?

Croak Ansom?

Prince Sammy: Yeah, main one!

You mind?

Panel 7

The confrontation between Sammy and Ansom is seen from a bit further back. Jillian calls down to them from her megalogwiff mount. Sammy turns away from his foe to look toward her. Ansom keeps his attention on Sammy, while shouting a command.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: Don't!

Prince Sammy: What?

Ansom: Pikers!

Panel 8

Jillian is seen from below in a head-and-shouders view as she shouts down toward Sammy.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: He's mine.

Queen Jillian Zamussels: Don't you dare finish him!

Panel 9

Sammy is seen from behind as he is stabbed by several pikers -- two pikes are sticking into his back, and the points of three more are emerging from his back. Beyond him are several infantry units and the head of Ansom's spidew.[edit]
Prince Sammy: Rrhof![1] [edit]

Panel 10

A small subpanel in the upper left shows part of Jillian's wide-eyed expression. The main panel shows Sammy, on the ground with his axe fallen from his grasp, surrounded by enemy pikers.[edit]
Prince Sammy: Thhhink it won't be a problem. [edit]

Panel 11

Ansom swings his sword down, right into Sammy's neck for a decapitating blow. Overhead, Stanley's banner flies triumphantly.[edit]
Sound: HSAS[2] [edit]


  1. ^ The initials of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
  2. ^  The initials of a short-lived early band of Sammy Hagar's: Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve.