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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Duke Adam Antium stands hat held respectfully at his chest as Tramennis reads a note. The two warlords stand in the shadow of a radish tent, and behind them the camp stretches out, with infantry standing about as a Battle Bear strides through.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Father's livid.

If you look closely at this handwriting, you can actually see the poor scribe cowering.

Sound: NORP

Duke Adam Antium: Ha. I've stood in those boots.

Sound: NORP

Prince Tramennis: Oh, we all have.

Panel 2

All eyes are up as the Faq flight descends on the camp. The road is filled with Jetstone troops, and a single soldier runs toward Tramennis and Adam Antium as they stand and watch.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Well, here she comes.

Sound: NORP!

Prince Tramennis: Assemble the top warlords. We'll receive her in my tent.

Duke Adam Antium: Yes, Highness.

Panel 3

Tramennis receives Jillian in his tent. They sit on opposite sides of a wide table. Tramennis sits elbows on the table, hands clasped, chin in hand, and is flanked by Antium on one side and two warlords, one male and one female, on the other. Behind him is a great radish banner. Jillian sits hands on knees, bareheaded, with Duncan Scone at attention on her left. On the table is one large unrolled map, three rolled, a stack of paper, a quill and ink, and a magic hat.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: You think it's a stupid plan.

Prince Tramennis: I think it's... less than optimal.

Panel 4

Closeup on Jillian, head dropped in disappointment and eyes sliding to the side in derision.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: Right.

A genteel way of saying "stupid."

Prince Tramennis: As you like, your Highness.

Panel 5

Closeup on an obstinate Tramennis, fists on table, flanked by Jetstone arms and backed by his banner. The map in front of him is a detailed one of a small area; each hex is as big as his hand and contains a detailed representation of the specific shape of the Forest within it.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: But attacking the ground force strikes me as something akin to having a beast in a headlock, and deciding to cut off its tail.

Father is right.

We need your air units to engage the Croakamancer.

Panel 6

Closeup at a strong tilt of Jillian looking stern and Duncan looking down to regard her expressionlessly.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: I'm not giving you that option, Prince.

I'll attack Ansom's column alone if I have to, but I'm not returning to the city.


Panel 7

Outside the tent, the camp is in full activity. Sourmanders are guided off the road, as men stand in ranks. A Warlord gives orders to a small group of soldiers, as another hand beckons someone over. Three men, possibly quartermasters of some kind, stand at tables covered in weapons, either distributing or repairing them. To the rear, two Battle Bears, one wearing a hat, walk beside a giraffe cloth golem.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Then you may have to attack alone.

Our alliance with Haggar is a bit... precarious. If we commit our main force to a ground battle now, we'll be left weakened.

When Prince Sammy arrives, he may *ehem* re-evaluate his strategic priorities.

He's the type, I'm afraid.

Panel 8

Closeup on Tramennis, who lifts his right hand palm-up as if physically offering a new solution.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: No, the better bet for Jetstone is to pull our forces back to the city and remove that temptation.

Perhaps you could then convince Haggar to spearhead the assault?

Panel 9

Closeup on Jillian gesturing back pointedly with her left hand.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: No, look.

Haggar's natural turn is after Jetstone's.

If they break alliance, they can't sneak attack.

So just stay in the Field until they arrive, and we'll all attack the column together.

All right?

Panel 10

Arms folded across the table, Tramennis looks down in consternation.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Attack the column.

But not the Croakamancer.

Queen Jillian Zamussels: No. You're on your own there.

Panel 11

Extreme closeup on Tramennis, looking intense.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Queen Jillian...

have you considered that this action may be unnecessary?

That if we destroy the Croakamancer, it might simply disband those forces?

And all the "Decrypted" units, everywhere?

Panel 12

The Gobwin Knob forces are in disarray. Ansom, with his black eye, is speaking to a cloaked trooper while another stands in the middle, arms wide, while two twolls stand nearby, one carrying an axe.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: Yeah.

Yeah, I have.