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We see much of the new planning room. It is dominated by a large red table featuring a hex grid. On it are green, orange, blue, and pink specks. The table straddles a long, wide red carpet that stretches from one end of the room to the fireplace-looking entrance of gold-and-red double doors on the far wall. There are at least three large columns on each side of the room. Between the nearer two on each side is a red table with six chairs, and two more set just aside. Straddling the far column on each side is an L-shaped black rug, with a red couch on two sides facing each other, and a scattering of red cushions in the center. In the far corner is a huge wall hanging with the stylized image of Stanley the Tool over a star and several red rays. On the side wall, between the columns are two large red cabinets, flanked by potted plants.[1] Behind and above each is a painting surrounded by red curtains. Another such painting is in the corner, beyond the last pillar, near the wall hanging. There is no cabinet by it.

Stanley, standing on a box, peers over the table. The Arkenhammer leans on the table beside him. On his other side is Maggie, hand to temple.