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Against a backdrop of snow-capped Minty Mountains, we see the new Gobwin Knob in its entirety. The structure of the city is a series of grey rectangles. The Garrison is square, with four grey towers at its corners. It is seven stories tall. The rear wall hosts the new Tower of Efdup in its center. The tower is rectangular and plain, sporting no windows, and is roughly twice the height of the Garrison walls. It is topped with a pagoda-like structure. The city surrounds three sides of the Garrison, its grounds filled with asian-style buildings, grey streets and spots of green grass.

One side of the garrison does not face the city; a low wall stretches out in both directions, separating the city from a short green ledge and a steep drop into the lava lake that is the now permanently active volcano. Its dark red surface is split by gashed and pockets of bright yellow, and it lights the entire cliff face.

The city walls stretch around the other three sides of the city, and on the side opposite the Tower is the new main gate; its series of overlapping towers are topped with thick crenellations to protect its defensive catapults.