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Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Wanda stares incredulously at Jillian, who gestures with both hands.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: You're serious.

Queen Jillian Zamussels: It could be great.

Just like Old Faq, except without Father.

Panel 2

Smiling brightly, Jillian clenches a fist for emphasis.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: So...better!

We'll take Jack along, too!

Panel 3

Jillian's outstretched arm sweeps into the foreground in front of Wanda, making it look as though she is holding a Wanda-doll. Similarly, the red dwagon's wing appears to be growing out of Wanda's back. Wanda herself looks dejected, almost morose, as she drops her eyes earthward.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: My backers will want my head, but so what? With you, and me, and Jack...and Ansom?

We can stand up to 'em!

Wanda Firebaugh: I can't.

Panel 4

Extreme closeup on Jillian looking stunned.[edit]
No text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 5

Extreme closeup on Wanda looking apologetic.[edit]
Wanda Firebaugh: I can't leave Stanley. [edit]

Panel 6

Worm's-eye view of the two mounts grinding in the air; Duncan Scone's head is visible in the foreground; he takes no notice of the scene above him.[edit]
Queen Jillian Zamussels: Yes you CAN! [edit]

Panel 7

Wanda looks like she has been whipped, hands held tightly in front of her, arms pulled in, chin to chest and pulled to one side, eyes closed. Jillian reaches out her right hand, palm forward, commanding a halt, while her left holds the reins.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: No. Believe me. If it were within-

Queen Jillian Zamussels: Hold on, hold on.


Wanda Firebaugh: Within my power to-

Queen Jillian Zamussels: Wanda, wait.

Panel 8

Extreme closeup on Jillian looking intense.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: I brought a Turnamancer.

She can help you break you out of whatever crazy Loyalty hold he's got on you, okay?

Panel 9

Her expression pained, Wanda opens her eyes and looks forward.[edit]
Wanda Firebaugh: It isn't Loyalty, Jillian. [edit]

Panel 10

Jillian looks away, her expression a mix of anxiety, disgust, and horror. Wanda, meanwhile, has a look of annoyance and disbelief.[edit]

Queen Jillian Zamussels: ...

You don't.

You don't love him...

Wanda Firebaugh: Oh Titans' teats.

Panel 11

Wanda whips out the Arkenpliers, pointing them at Jillian, who instinctively reaches for the sword on her back, her left arm splayed out for balance.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: No!

It's these!

Panel 12

The two mounts pull apart, exposing the rows of dwagons hovering below. Jillian has her sword out in a blocking position, while Wanda holds the Arkenpliers out casually.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: The Fate of the Arkentools is to be found and brought together.

He has his. Now I have mine.

And what I want doesn't matter! I cannot join you.

But I can spare you.

Panel 13

Looking stern, Wanda points the Arkenpliers at Jillian. Beyond and below, many flights of dwagons wait ominously.[edit]
Wanda Firebaugh: Stand your units down, and you may leave the battlespace unharmed. [edit]