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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 10
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Panel 1

Sizemore dissolves the Dirtamancy fort around Spacerock's portal, revealing a several dozen pikers, stabbers, and archers, all in a tight circle around Parson and the rest of Gobwin Knob's casters, which now includes a decrypted Ace Hardware and Jack Snipe. Count Downer and Countess Artemis are part of the procession. Janis, Marie, Jojo, and Joe Spade are partly visible at the bottom of the frame.[edit]

SFX: breakout[1]

Parson Gotti: Company, spread out and screen me.
Keep a 360 perimeter.

Jeftichew: It's an invasion!

Panel 2

Jojo holds his hand to his mouth to holler, his mouth wide and his mustache wiggling. The nearest decrypted infantry look at him unamused. Parson looks at him sternly as he tells him to shut up. Sizemore continues to dismantle the Dirtamancy fort. Wanda is standing near Parson, calm.[edit]

Jeftichew: Form stacks and defend yourselves, my friends!
Fight for your lives!

Parson Gotti: Halt!

Shut up, Jojo.

Panel 3

Parson stands in front of Spacerock's green Portal. Maggie walks beside him and beams up happily. Ace looks up at Parson as well. Decrypted are all around them. Sizemore has finished with the fort, and looks down sadly.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Everybody hold fire and listen up!
I am not here to fight.

These troops and warlords are my personal guard.

Panel 4

A solid screen of decrypted infantry stand ahead of Parson and take up the lower half of the frame. Parson stands towards the back directing them, framed by the green portal to Spacerock.[edit]

Parson: Just... relax. Okay? I'm not gonna try and take over the Magic Kingdom or anything.

But if anybody takes a shot at me, or gets in my way again, then you can expect to join my personal guard.

Panel 5

A nearly profile shot of Ace, Maggie, Parson, Wanda, and Jack in front of the green portal to Spacerock. Jack smiles with determination; he's lost his Ashen skin and pink eyes, and now has a healthy complexion and blue eyes.[edit]

Parson Gotti: And that includes any 'enforcement council' horseshit. From now on, I come and go from the Magic Kingdom as I please. To anywhere.
Hey Isaac?

Thinkagram me a sec?

Panel 6

A low shot of Roger, Jintao, Isaac and Tisha. They all have neutral expressions.[edit]

Isaac: Chief Parson?

Parson Gotti: Okay.

Now we can go to your place.

Panel 7

Closeup of Parson's face, he's grimacing as if ready to fight. Ace's head is barely in the frame.[edit]
Parson Gotti: And figure out how to kill Charlie. [edit]

Panel 8

The decrypted move in formation around Parson, with Ace's hair being barely able to clear the top of their heads. Tisha starts walking ahead of them, head turned in mild curiosity.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Company, close ranks. We'll follow the Thinkamancers.
Maintain your screens.
If you're attacked or obstructed, engage.


Panel 9

Janis and Marie are hanging back from the procession of decrypted and Thinkamancers. Marie has turned to look away and lowered her gaze; she seems worn, but happy and at peace. Janis is half turned to them and looks a bit unsure.[edit]

Janis: Marie? Aren't we...
Shouldn't you be going with them?

Marie Lavraie: No.
When he needs us again, he'll have us.

You did good, Jonnis.

Panel 10

In the front is Count Downer, who has a mildly puzzled, but focused look on his face. Right behind him from left to right are Sizemore, who looks depressed, Maggie, who looks on approvingly, Wanda, who is giving an appreciative look towards Jack, and Jack himself, who has a sinister, malicious looking grin on his face. In the back from left to right are Ace Hardware, Parson Gotti, and Countess Artemis. Ace has a similar expression to Count Downer, looking mildly puzzled but focused, while Parson has a determined, angry look. Behind all of them are a formation of Decrypted soldiers, with a bunch of bows and spears visible.[edit]

Marie Lavraie: "The last war evah just stotted.
Bot, you know...
It could be a long one."

Title: End of Book 2


  • ^Breakout  Breakout is a videogame where the player controls a paddle on the bottom of the screen and bounces a ball to destroy bricks at the top. Much like how Sizemore is destroying the roof of his structure in this panel.