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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Outside the Dirtamancy fort in Portal Park, Jojo and the other Carnymancers approach the Thinkamancers. Jojo puts on a friendly face, but Roger is having none of it.[edit]

Jeftichew: Well, friends? Is he in there?

Isaac: I'm not inclined to say, given that you tried to assassinate him.

Roger Victor Clarence: We have business with him, Carny.

Leave. Now.

Panel 2

Dove sports a black eye, she gestures behind her. Jojo speaks to her without taking his eyes off Roger. Sean and Abner look bruised and grim in the background.[edit]

Dove: Everybody's got business with him, brother. The line forms on the right.

Jeftichew: Yes.

I'm calling an enforcement council.

Panel 3

Jojo puts his hand to his mouth as he calls sing-song, a huge grin on his face. Dove, Sean and Abner smirk. An inset panel shows Janis yelling angrily, beside Marie.[edit]

Jeftichew: Call-ling for a Quorum of the Qualified!
To stop the Warlord Hamster!
Hurr-ray, hurr-ray, before he starts attacking people from his little fortress here!

Janis: You attacked him!

Panel 4

Janis walks beside the Dirtamancy fort and points at Jojo accusingly. Jojo puts his hands on his hips and looks vindicated. Isaac and Roger look surprised at Janice's outburst.[edit]

Janis: You attacked your fellow casters, too. I stopped you in the act!
An enforcement council is in order, yes. But for you all.

Jeftichew: Good! Yes.

Let's just get to the bottom of it.

Panel 5

Jojo puts his hand to his chest while wearing a huge grin on his face. Sean and Abner smirk, pleased.[edit]

Jeftichew: He will have to answer for trying to destroy the Magic Kingdom and everything we hold dear!

And we'll answer for ...trying to stop him.

Panel 6

Jojo points excitedly at Joe Spade who turns his head as he walks by.[edit]

Jeftichew: Sound fair? I thought so.
Hurry, hurry!
You, there!

Joe Spade: Mm?

Panel 7

Jojo smiles with half lidded eyes as he explains the situation to Joe Spade, who raises an eyebrow.[edit]

Jeftichew: Dirtamancer, aren't you? And you're Qualified?

Joe Spade: Yeah I'm a rocker, dude.

Through and through.

Panel 8

Jojo puts his arm around Joe Spade in a friendly manner and gestures at the Dirtamancy fort. Isaac, Roger, and Tisha are to the left of them, and Dove, Sean and Abner to the right.[edit]

Jeftichew: A warlord who went through an enemy portal is inside this structure.

It's an illegal fortification, friend. I'm sure you can see that. So how's about you tear it down and we hold him for trial?

Panel 9

Jojo's face is half in frame, and he's giving Joe Spade a pleased and sneaky look. Joe is frowning at the fort in front of him.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 10

Joe Spade Casts a spell to blast through the pyramid, while everyone else braces themselves against the impending blast.[edit]

Joe Spade: A'ight.
Git 'r done!


Panel 11

As a hole is ripped into the pyramid, Isaac and Janis are shown bracing themselves against the explosion.[edit]
SFX: GRIEF[2] [edit]

Panel 12

As the dust from the opening blown out of the pyramid settles, ominous shapes can be seen inside.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 13

With the dust mostly gone, we can see that Parson has smuggled in a small army of decrypted soldiers into the Magic Kingdom. To his left and right are Sizemore and Wanda. Artemis is right beside Wanda.[edit]
No text. [edit]


  • ^Dio  Dio was an american heavy metal band formed in 1982. This, along with the hand gesture used while casting (Pointer & Pinky fingers extended, middle & ring fingers held down by the thumb aka The Horns), fits in with Joe being a rocker.
  • ^Grief  Grief is a reference to griefers. Griefers are people who derive their fun from a multiplayer game by ruining everyone else's. This is probably more specifically a reference to multiplayer Minecraft, when griefers destroy another player's creations.