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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

In front of the Portal to Spacerock, Marie, Maggie and the Dr. Crusher Healomancer help Parson get up. The frozen fighting Carnymancers and Predictamancer's can be seen in the background, as Janis gestures and speaks to Parson.[edit]

Parson Gotti: I'm okay. What... Wh's'happening?

Janis: You came through incapacitated.
The Carnies tried to, like, hit you while you were down.

But I've suspended the fight.

Panel 2

Parson points at the Portal to Spacerock while talking to Janis, Wanda, and Sizemore. The Dr. Crusher Healomancer is kneeling by the incapacitated Phillip along with Isaac.The frozen fighting Carnymancers and Predictamancer's can be seen in the background, as Janis gestures and speaks to Parson.[edit]

Parson Gotti: 'K, for how long?

Janis: Just another minute or so.

Parson Gotti: Arright. Listen! This is our portal now! Okay?
Everybody just... go home.


Panel 3

Parson stands in front of the Portal to Spacerock and clenches his right fist. He Orders Sizemore through the portal. We can see Sizemore and Janis' backs.[edit]

Sizemore: Warlord?

Parson Gotti: There's an inferno in our... new capital city.
Deal with it.

We'll be right behind you.

Panel 4

Antium and the two surviving decrypted infantrymen huddle in front of Spacerock's Portal the Magic Kingdom. Antium is kneeling between them, his expression grim but satisfied as he holds both close under his arms. The infantryman with the unburnt face holds his hands in prayer. Flames and fallen beams are all around them.[edit]

Antium: Hold fast.

Our Duty's done now.

Panel 5

Sizemore charges through Spacerock's Portal to the Magic Kingdom with a commanding expression, using his spade to put out the Fires. Antium and the infantrymen look up in wonder as the spade creates a gust of wind that saves them.[edit]

Sizemore: Watch yourselves!
Cover up!

SFX: P.A.S.S. [1]

Panel 6

Aerial view of the flaming Garrison in Spacerock, Sizemore is creating giant gusts of golden gas that gut the inferno.[edit]

Maggie (offscreen): "Your second battle, My Lord. Your second victory, as well.

Sizemore: Triodide.

Maggie (offscreen): Due to the... interference, I am rather unclear on the details..."

Panel 7

Parson, Maggie, and Wanda are in Spacerock's Portal Room. Antium and the two decrypted infantrymen get in formation, which Wanda insepcts. Parson stoops a bit in remorse as he talks to Maggie. A few clouds of smoke still fill the room. A painted scroll of Jack is hanging on the wall in the place where a painting of Holly Shortcake hung.[edit]

Maggie: But I'm certain it was just as brilliant as your last.

Parson Gotti: No, it was pathetic. I went in without a plan, and it showed. I didn't do the 'genius' thing this time, sorry.

Maggie: No. You did the 'brave' thing this time, Lord.

Parson Gotti: ...I guess.
We won. That's about what I can say for it. I lived. Thanks to the Tool, and thanks to these guys.

Jack didn't.

Panel 8

Wanda has an open smile as she looks towards the stairs, Parson stands in front of the Portal and looks dejectedly down.[edit]

Parson Gotti: You'll have to decrypt him, Wanda.

Wanda Firebaugh: I know.

I've known forever.

Panel 9

Closeup of Parson's face, which is framed by Spacerock's Portal. He looks bitter.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Well...
You get to find out about Decrypted casters, I guess.

Yay for you.

Panel 10

Sizemore is now in the Throne Room, his spade is releasing great streams of the golden gas which is dispersing in tendrils that seem to seek the searing flames. Sizemore shoos away a Red dwagon perched mournfully on some nearby debris. Ace Hardware's croaked body lies face down on a nearby boulder.[edit]

Parson (off screen): "There's at least one other one, too. Their Dollamancer."

Wanda (off screen): Yes. There are nearly three hundred usable bodies in the city. Two casters, five warlords, more than thirty knights.
Shall I mass-decrypt them now?"

Sizemore: Halon.
Go 'way, dwagon.

Parson (off screen): Maybe. Lemme think about it.

Panel 11

Closeup of Parson's face with Spacerock's Portal in the background. He has a serious, pensive expression that is backlit green by the portal.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 12

Sizemore has finished putting out the Inferno in Spacerock's Atrium, and leans on his shovel to rest a bit amid several corpses. There's a croaked Yellow dwagon, a Hobgobwin, some Jetstone infantry, and three (still living) decrypted Red dwagons in the background.[edit]

Parson (off screen): "No. Hold off. Maybe I still got a 'genius' thing left in me.

Sizemore: Whew.

Parson (off screen): Find out if Sizemore has any juice left."


  • ^P.A.S.S.  P.A.S.S. is the acronym for a technique of how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.
  • ^Flame Off  Triodide[4] and Argonite[5] are brand names for two mixes found in fire extinguishers. Inergen[6] is also a mix of gases for fire extinguishers, but doesn't appear to be a brand name.
  • ^More Gases  Halon[7] (specifically halon 2402) is a chemical compound used as a fire extinguisher, and freon[8] is a nonflammable refrigerant.