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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Parson stands in front of the dark portal, holding Jojo's Carnymancy Scroll which he begins to recite. Fire and debris are falling, and three Decrypted Infantry are ducking in the background. A wooden beam falls square on Parson's head, cutting him off before he finishes casting the spell.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Roses are-


Parson Gotti: Aahch!

Panel 2

In Portal Park, Marie is yelling for a Healomancer. Wanda stands behind her, Sizemore looks down nervously while holding his shovel, and Maggie looks at Janis unsure. A blond Predictamancer stands nearby.[edit]

Marie Lavraie: Hiring a Healomansah!
Twenty Rands to heal an incapacitated wahload!
And where's Jonnis?


Panel 3

In the Portal room, Antium and two decrypted infantry lift the burning beam off of Parson. One is so badly burned that his or her face is covered in third degree burns. Parson is incapacitated on the floor.[edit]

Antium: Lift!
Lift if it costs your life!

Decrypted Stabber: Eyaah!

Burned Decrypted Stabber: Nngh!

Panel 4

Marie is talking to a Healomancer in Portal Park, Janis and Sizemore stand nearby. The group is surrounded by Predictamancers.[edit]

Healomancer: A warlord? What side and portal?

Marie Lavraie: No travel.

Healomancer: Here!

Marie Lavraie: Jonnis, watch the Connies.

Panel 5

Jojo is talking to Phillip in Portal Park, with Sean watching the proceedings. Phillip and his pet groundhog aren't happy with Jojo.[edit]

Jeftichew: So what's going down, man?

Phillip: Nunya.

Back off.

Panel 6

Upwards looking shot inside the Portal Room. Antium and the two decrypted infantrymen are looking down at Parson. Several floors can be seen above them due to the ongoing collapsing of the floors above due to the Fire.[edit]

Decrypted Stabber: What else can we do for him?

Antium: Pray the Titans.

Burned Decrypted Stabber: I am.


Panel 7

The Portal Room's portal suddenly reactivates, Antium and the infantrymen begin to get up and move Parson through it.[edit]

Decrypted Stabber: It opened!

Antium: Push him through!

Panel 8

Parson plops out of the portal in Portal Park. Maggie, Isaac, and a platinum blond Predictamancer catch him. Janis, Wanda, and Sizemore move towards him. A ring of Predictamancers guard the portal, and the Carnymancers are reacting in by beginning to rush. The Healomancer moves in towards Parson.[edit]

Maggie: My Lord!

Jeftichew: It's a clem!


Panel 9

Marie looks upon the scene and orders for Parson to be protected. The Healomancer sits by Parson, stunned at his appearance. Maggie kneels by him crying. A platinum blond Predictamancer screens for threats.[edit]

Healomancer: How did you...

Marie Lavraie: Stock with him! Protect him!

Maggie: Oh, no.

Panel 10

Dove, Jojo, Sean and Abner get ready to engage the Predictamancers and fight to croak Parson.[edit]

Dove: Wrang!

Abner: I'm ready.

Jeftichew: Yeah, go now!

Fight 'em!

Panel 11

Abner punches Phillip in the face, incapacitating him.[edit]
SFX: PUNX [edit]

Panel 12

A messy battle breaks out in Portal Park. Dove is grappling with a blond Predictamancer. Abner is trying to catch Phillip's groundhog, which is biting the back of his head. Sean is getting ready to fire a Hoboken. Janis is distraught and trying to stop the fighting.[edit]

Janis: No...

Abner: Auhgh!

Janis: No!


Sean Mattox: Hoboken.

Panel 13

Janis gets angry and stamps her foot, casting a Hippiemancy spell. Sizemore looks at her shocked. The Healomancer can be seen just off frame.[edit]

Janis: Time!