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Ansom crouches close to Ossomer, with a vexed expression on his face. Ossomer is still seated and faces forward, looking at Wanda and the Lady Sylvia Lazarus, who appear to be having a discussion a short distance away.

On a nearby hill in the background there are several Gobwin Knob units. Two archons, one seated, the other standing behind her, presumably survivors of the skirmish. A grounded blue dwagon wearing a saddle, on its back can be seen a patch of surgical tape, roughly in the area that Jack's dwagon was struck by an arrow. Lying on the ground is Jack Snipe, either unconscious or dead; he is being tended to by two units in maroon, gold, and gray raiment.

In the air a saddled pink dwagon glides above Wanda and Lady Sylvia Lazarus.

Further down the road, behind Wanda and Scarlet, appears to be a column of infantry.