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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Stanley paces in Gobwin Knobs Portal Room as he talks. Zhopa stands behind Stanley with a worried look.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: I mean, it's even a long way up to the office.

Lotta stairs, y'know?

Panel 2

Stanley holds the Arkenhammer pensively in Gobwin Knobs Portal Room. The green glow from the portal is in the background.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: Doubt I could even make it up there before...

Before he burns up.

Panel 3

Closeup of Zhopa's face illuminated by the green glow from Gobwin Knobs Portal Room. His expression is calm and determined.[edit]
Zhopa: You want help, Lud? [edit]

Panel 4

Stanley turns his head to look at Zhopa, as if for the first time noticing him. The green glow from Gobwin Knobs Portal Room lights them both.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 5

Zhopa is running up some stairs and carrying Stanley under his left arm like an American football or rugby ball. Stanley is ecstatic and has his arms straight ahead of him in a "flying" pose, holding the Arkenhammer in his right hand.[edit]
Stanley the Tool: Eeeeeeeeeee!! [edit]

Panel 6

Zhopa shoves a Hobgobwin piker out of his way as they exit the stairs. He holds Stanley securely under his left arm, who heckles the guard.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: Yeah! Get outa the way!


Stanley the Tool: I'm doin' something!

Panel 7

A pan up shot of Zhopa's backside as he carries Stanley towards the Tower of Efdup, which we see looming above. A different Hobgobwin piker stands confused at the whole scene.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: C'mon, c'mon...

Zhopa: Yes, Lud.

Panel 8

Zhopa grabs Stanley by the shirt, getting ready to throw him up. Stanley looks to be having the time of his life, with a huge grin and determined expression. He's holding the Arkenhammer in both hands.[edit]
Stanley the Tool: Throw me up! [edit]

Panel 9

Zhopa is on the Garrison floor, having thrown Stanley at the Tower of Efdup. Stanley is zooming upwards with a huge grin and determined expression. He's in the classic "Thor" flying pose; Arkenhammer in his right hand and left hand behind him,[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 10

Stanley is hovering outside the windows to his Office. He holds onto the Arkenhammer and calls out to a group of three Dwagons flying nearby. The rebuilt city of Gobwin Knob and surrounding mountains can be see in the background, with the sun nearing the horizon.[edit]
Stanley the Tool: I need a purpuuulll!! [edit]

Panel 11

A Purple dwagon turns its head, obeying Stanley's Order. There is a nearby green and a red with a rider. The Outer Walls are in the background.[edit]
SFX: SNRFF [edit]

Panel 12

The Purple dwagon shatters the glass to Stanley's Office with it's sonic attack. Stanley floats nearby and thanks the Dwagon. Through the glass windows of the Tower of Efdup we can see We can see red columns adorned with Dwagons.[edit]

SFX: gish

Stanley the Tool: Mazel tov![2]

Panel 13

Stanley floats into the Throne of his Office with a pleased smirk, cape swishing dramatically behind him. His throne is an ornate, red and gold chair with gold snakes at the top. The window is shattered and we can see forests and mountains that are outside the city.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: Mm hm.

Who's the hero now, Hamster?


  • ^Heisman  This is a reference to John Heisman[3], a famous profesional American football player for whom the Heisman trophy is named.
  • ^Mazel Tov  Mazel Tov[4] is a Jewish expression meant to express happiness at good fortune or an event, often used in weddings when a wine glass is ceremonially crushed underfoot.