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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

Overhead shot from directly above and behind the Throne. Parson is rushing up the stairs and tossing the torn Doll aside. He's furious and heading for Slately, who is starting to get up and seems to have lost his Ray Gun. Antium is on the throne level and is kneeling up to a standing position. Farther away, Jack and Ace's bodies can be seen laying on fallen masonry. The Purple dwagon is stuck under a rock, and a Red dwagon can be seen snuffling near the body of the croaked Battle Bear.[edit]

Parson Gotti: You!!

Slately: Uhhh...

Panel 2

Parson lifts Slately by the shirt with both arms to eye level, we can only see his eye but it's looking at Slately with fury.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Come here, you little shit! [edit]

Panel 3

Parson is furious as he uses his whole weight against Slately, ramming him into the Throne's arm rest. By holding Slately with an arm on his face and waist the attack breaks Slately's back. Antium has finished standing up and looks at the scene dispassionately.[edit]

Slately: Uahh!

SFX: Break King Back[1]

Panel 4

Parson hold up Slately to eye level and questions him, an intense and focused anger on his face. A Red dwagon is nosing up the side.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Wait!
Don't die yet! Wait, What were you doing?
Why'd you change your capital?

Slately: To... trap you.

Panel 5

Slately's face has massive purple bruising from where Parson rammed his arm with the spiked gauntlet against it. He's opening up an eye to answer, with a weak but triumphant smile. Parson's hands hold him up by the shirt. The Throne is in the background.[edit]

Slately: To burn you. Nothing more.
For... Ansom.
For Jetstone.
For Charlescomm too, I suppose.

Parson Gotti: Charlescomm...

Panel 6

Parson doesn't speak, but he's looking at Slately with wide eyes and a frown, holding him up by the shirt. A decrypted Red dwagon is rearing up behind him.[edit]

Slately: His idea.
You're as doomed as I, now.
The garrison is an inferno.

Go on, Hamster. Take your prize.

Panel 7

In the inset panel, Parson tosses Slately using both arms. In the main panel, the decrypted Red dwagon is standing on its hind legs with a huge grin, waiting to catch Slately and eat him.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Yeah. I will. [edit]

Panel 8

In the inset panel, the decrypted Red dwagon has caught Slately in its mouth and is smiling. In the main panel the dwagon is slurping up Slately with a satisfied expression, eyes closed. We can only see Slately's arm poking out.[edit]

SFX: Glump


Panel 9

The decrypted Red dwagon opens it's mouth in confusion, raising one of its eyebrows at the loss of its snack. A poof of vapor is leaving his mouth as Slately's clone disappears.[edit]
SFX: POOF [edit]

Panel 10

Shot from the base of the Throne Room. The Signamancy has completely changed from Jetstone decor to Gobwin Knob, with banners of Stanley and golden stars, and a bust of Bogroll in place of a fallen Jetstone Prince. Parson, Antium, and a decrypted Red dwagon are at the top of the throne room near the Throne. Jack, Ace Hardware, and the Battle Bear's bodies are at the base, lying on rubble. The flames in the Atrium are getting worse and spreading.[edit]

Parson Gotti: That's our livery.
We took the city, I guess.

Antium: Yes, Chief Warlord.
But it is an inferno now.
So... we will perish here.

Parson Gotti: No, dude. Uh-uh.

Charlie doesn't get to win.

Panel 11

Upward shot and closeup of Parson's upper body as he gazes up. A stray flame is licking up a huge banner of Stanley above the Throne.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Y'know...
Okay, where I'm from, we've got a powerful magic word...



  • ^  The SFX is an omage to the television show Breaking Bad's logo, which uses elements from the periodic table to form words in the title and credits.[3]
  • ^  This is a reference to the Crunch candy bar, a red and blue bar that comes in "King" size.