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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Jack Snipe on the back of a purple dwagon makes plans amidst the fire-ravaged Atrium.[edit]

Jack Snipe: Right, let's see... You're half blind.

What precisely shall we do with you...?

Panel 2

Jack Snipe observes the walls of the burning Atrium[edit]

Jack Snipe: I'm no Dirtamancer, but we could make that a bigger hole for dwagons.
And the possibilities of dropping that balcony on them are fairly obvious, as well.

Croak them with statues of their own heroes?

Panel 3

Jack Snipe on the back of a purple dwagon tries to find a way to order the dwagon into the fray amidst the burning walls of Atrium.[edit]

Jack Snipe: Too apt to ignore.
Erm, breathe?

And... charge in, I suppose.

Panel 4

Parson rushes up the stairs toward an attacking cloth golem.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Come at me, Hasbro!

Jetstone Doll: Smooshie!

Panel 5

Slipping past the cloth golem, Parson throws the golem further down the stairs.[edit]

Panel 6

Catching the golem in a wrestling hold, Parson attempts to control its actions.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Errff...

Jetstone Doll: Manglor!

Panel 7

Slately, Antium, the Battle Bear carrying Ace and some decrypted are shaking violently as the off-panel Purple dwagon's Breath Weapon rocks the Throne Room. They all turn to the hole in the wall that the sound is coming from.[edit]

Panel 8

Parson is holding the top half of the camouflage Doll he's ripped in hand overhead as he begins to lose his footing from the Purple dwagon's breath attack. The Battle Bear is holding up its right paw to try to shield itself from the sonic attack. Slately has fallen by the bears foot. Jack is trying to stay atop the dwagon. Masonry is falling from the roof.[edit]

Jack Snipe: No, not...


Jack Snipe: That's too far.


Panel 9

The entire right side of the Throne Room is collapsing, the bleachers and the roof are falling over Jack and the Purple dwagon. Parts of the roof are on fire.[edit]

Jack Snipe: ...irony, really.


Panel 10

The Battle Bear falls and is getting crushed by falling masonry. Slately is lunging to escape the debris. Antium is dashing away heading straight towards the Throne. A lone decrypted is holding up his hands to protect himself.[edit]
SFX: CRUMB [edit]

Panel 11

The entire left side of the Throne Room has fallen, croaking the Battle Bear and Ace Hardware. The Purple dwagon is trapped under some rubble. Parson and Antium are standing on the stairs, Parson is still holding half of the camouflage doll. A decrypted Red dwagon can be seen outside the throne room in the distance.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Dude...


Panel 12

Parson, still holding the torn Doll, turns to look down the stairs at Jack, only his legs are visible. The Purple dwagon is injured and looks mournful. The Atrium outside is getting progressively more aflame.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Jack? [edit]

Panel 13

It shows Jack Snipe's body, lying on the rubble, with the Xs in the eyes indicating that he has been croaked.[edit]
No text. [edit]


  • ^  A Saving Throw is a Dungeons and Dragons die roll, characters who are attacked with certain magic or physical attacks, or with poisons, can make a Saving Throw to escape or reduce all damage and negative effects.[2]