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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Jack points at an offscreen Ace with his eight-ball staff, eyes wide. Parson holds his sword and turns to talk to Jack. Decrypted are running around him to engage enemies.[edit]

Jack Snipe: Their Dollamancer, obviously.
Badly wounded, but commanding.

Parson Gotti: Parson He made a hole for our dwagons.
Can you get one in here?

Jack Snipe: Fun. Yes.

Panel 2

An upward shot of the camouflage Doll pouncing on Parson, who turns his head and yells in surprise. The Throne Room's arched roof is filled with smoke.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Arright, go ahead. I'll try and hold off-

Jetstone Doll: Monchichi!!

Parson Gotti: Gyaah!

Panel 3

Ground level shot of Parson and the camouflage Doll wrestling, with the doll grabbing onto his back and trying pummel his head and Parson struggling to reach. Jack looks at him in impotent worry. Decrypted are rushing to engage the Battle Bear on the right.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Get...offa me!

Jetstone Doll: Chubble...

Parson Gotti: Jack, go!
Get dwagons!

Jack Snipe: Aye.

Panel 4

An aerial shot of the Atrium; after the recent explosion of Red and Green dwagons only three Red's survived. The Atrium is empty of everyone else, on fire, billowing huge plumes of smoke, and there's now a full view of the outside blue sky. Jack is barely visible in the hole made by the Battle Bear, which is also slightly visible.[edit]

Jack Snipe: Mmf. Well...


Panel 5

Waist level shot of Jack running towards a pair of sad looking Red dwagons. The charred and skeleton and helmet of a Jetstone Infantryman is in the foreground, and the body of a croaked Hobgobwin slumped farther away. The far corner of the Atrium hasn't collapsed yet but is broken and on fire.[edit]

Jack Snipe: Hurry now.

Oh, no...

Panel 6

A shot of Jack and a Red dwagon's head taking up most of the background. The dwagon looks sad and regretful. Jack gestures off panel with a finger and his eigh-ball staff in hand.[edit]

Jack Snipe: No. We have enough fire here, thank you.
And red's never been my color...


Panel 7

Upwards shot of a pitched fight between Parson and the Battle Bear, Parson is blocking its right paw with his sword while grabbing one of the camouflage Doll's button eyes. The bear is carrying Ace's incapacitated body in its left paw, and decrypted are nearby trying to attack the bear. The arched roof in the Throne Room is full of smoke.[edit]

Jetstone Doll: Puffalump!

SFX: Thwok

Parson Gotti: Stoppit!

Panel 8

The camouflage Doll covers Parson's eyes, putting him off balance as he tries to grab it with his left arm. A decrypted infantryman looks up worried.[edit]

Jetstone Doll: Nerful!

Parson Gotti: Hey!

Panel 9

The Battle Bear gives Parson a full on side swipe with its right paw, tossing him and the camouflage Doll down the staircase and sending Parson's sword flying. Decrypted infantry continue to rush toward the bear, which is still holding Ace's incapacitated body in its left paw, swaying limply.[edit]
SFX: Right Bear Arm[1] [edit]

Panel 10

Upwards shot from the foot of the Throne Room, looking up at the Throne and roof. The Battle Bear swipes at Antium and the decrypted rushing at it. Slately stands behind the bear with his Ray Gun well in hand. The camouflage Doll is getting up woozily, holding its' head in one hand and holding the railing in the other. Parson lies on his back at the foot of the stairs, he's got his hand to his head as he starts to lean up.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Dafuq?

Jetstone Doll: ...Wuzzle?

Panel 11

King Slately calmly shoots a decrypted stabber point blank with his Ray Gun, turning his head to ash. A scorched Battle Bear is in the background.[edit]

Decrypted Stabber: For Mistr-

Slately: Pew.

Panel 12

At the foot of the Throne Room's staircase, Parson gets up to a crouch with a look of pure rage as he looks up at the camouflage Doll. His sword lies behind him, and the camouflage doll looms on the left.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Yeah, no.

I am not gettin' killed by frickin' Muppets...


  • ^  "Right Bear Arm" is a reference to the second amendment to the US constitution[2], guaranteeing the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.