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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Jack gestures towards the door out of the portal room into the city. Parson orders Antium to lead them to the throne room, who turns to guide them.[edit]

Jack Snipe: I would say we are forced to take the city now.

Parson Gotti: Yeah, we better get topside with the dwagons.
Antium, lead.

Antium: Yes, Lord.

Panel 2

Ace Hardware lays incapacitated on a pile of rubble, his body has been burned and bludgeoned; the left side of his face and right thigh are badly burned, his chest armor has a large scorch mark. He has a pained expression as he speaks to his off-panel cloth golems.[edit]
Ace Hardware: Can't move.

Panel 3

In the background a Battle Bear is hefting a chunk of rubble overhead, ready to throw it. Ace lays in the foreground with his back to us. He is speaking to two scorched cloth golems, an LFN and a Battle Bear, both are frowning sadly at their incapacitated caster.[edit]
Ace Hardware: Golems...
Close in and make a wedge.

Panel 4

Parson, Jack, Antium and some decrypted troops are heading down a hallway. Parson and Jack are looking at each other as they speak and run.[edit]

Parson Gotti: How do you think they did that?
Closed the portal?

Jack Snipe: I've no idea.
Do you suppose it matters now?

Parson: Maybe not.
But I still wanna-

Panel 5

Parson stops running and gestures to Antium to stop as well. Jack stops and looks up reservedly at Parson. Antium half turns and looks at Parson in surprise.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Yeah it matters. Antium!

Antium: Lord Hamster?

Parson: Change of plans.
Take us to the seat of power.

Panel 6

King Slately leans lightly on a wall, mouth agape and a sad expression on his face. He's reacting to the torn and gutted "Raggedy Ann" cloth golem which he kept as a reminder of Holly Shortcake. It's arm is torn and white stuffing is leaking from the "wound" and her mouth. A shoked Jetstone infantrywoman stands to his left.[edit]
Parson Gotti (voice only): "The King has to be there." [edit]

Panel 7

A stack of green and red dwagons, ridden by decrypted and Sylvia Lazarus, moves forward and breath fire. One of the greens is being hit by a debris boulder.[edit]
Sylvia: Howzat fire feel?
Yeah, I been there.

Panel 8

Closeup of Ace's head and torso, he has a determined look as he gives his golems orders.[edit]
Ace Hardware: They're packed in too close.
Hit the green in the... belly.
Rip 'em open.

Panel 9

An angry looking LFN rushes forward and pierces a green dwagon with its tusk, trampling some decrypted infantry in the process. The dwagon rears up and roars in pain as it's decrypted rider struggles to hold on. Part of the Atrium is on fire, and a row of Jetstone Infantry can be seen lined up on a wall. An LFN approaches in the background, a column of decrypted approach the LFN from behind and another green dwagon is in the foreground.[edit]

Decrypted Rider: Steady!


Panel 10

The LFN's attack pierced the green dwagons gas sack, which has ripped open like a balloon and is leaking green gas. The dwagon, its rider and a gween behind them all look at the leak with panic. The pierced green is sweating, the rider is gaping comically in shock. The ruins of the Atrium's roof are in the background.[edit]
SFX: GAS - EXIT 3 [edit]

Panel 11

Sylvia is knocked off of her red dwagon by a blast which has filled the background with smoke, both are closing their eyes and scrunching up their faces. Sylvia is holding up her arms to her face in defense. Concussive waves of air can bee seen. There is no SFX.[edit]
Sylvia: Nhh- [edit]

Panel 12

An aerial shot of the Jetstone Atrium shows a huge explosion that fills up the space and blasts some of debris into the air.[edit]