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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Ossomer is seated, not facing Ansom. Ansom is standing looking down at Ossomer. Both sport bruises on their faces, and Ansom has a black eye.[edit]

Ansom: What was your contingency plan, were we to breach your hex, or bypass it somehow?

Prince Ossomer: She is evil, brother.

You can see that.

Panel 2

Ansom crouches close to Ossomer, with a vexed expression on his face. Ossomer is still seated and faces forward, looking at Wanda and the Lady Sylvia Lazarus, who appear to be having a discussion a short distance away.

On a nearby hill in the background there are several Gobwin Knob units. Two archons, one seated, the other standing behind her, presumably survivors of the skirmish. A grounded blue dwagon wearing a saddle, on its back can be seen a patch of surgical tape, roughly in the area that Jack's dwagon was struck by an arrow. Lying on the ground is Jack Snipe, either unconscious or dead; he is being tended to by two units in maroon, gold, and gray raiment.

In the air a saddled pink dwagon glides above Wanda and Lady Sylvia Lazarus.

Further down the road, behind Wanda and Scarlet, appears to be a column of infantry.

Ansom: What was it?

You must have had one.

Prince Ossomer: You knew good from evil once.

Surely you have not forgotten all.

Panel 3

Visible over Ansom's right shoulder, Ossomer, arms bound behind him by ropes, looks up at his brother. Ansom has a cut on his cheek.[edit]

Ansom: Ossomer, if you turn, you can save many lives.

There is great good in that.

Prince Ossomer: Or you could save them all.

Turn back.

March home.

Panel 4

Closeup on Ansom, his right eye is beginning to swell. Smiling and raising an eyebrow, he speaks. A skull can be seen on his collar.[edit]

Ansom: I have.

I am home.

Panel 5

Near the bridge, Ansom holds out a hand palm up, as his brother sits in front of him, arms behind his back. In the foreground, Lady Sylvia Lazarus proffers Ossomer's sword to Wanda.[edit]

Ansom: The Titans have returned me to my brothers, and soon to my father.

I am here to correct Jetstone's course.

The whole world's course

Panel 6

Sitting upright, Ossomer looks up and speaks to his brother, who meets his gaze. In the middle of the bridge, several of Ossomer's caped retinue pound their fists against the hex border in vain. Beyond the bridge the radish-tents of the camp and the walls and tower of Spacerock can be seen.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: You are not following the Titans, Ansom.

Only a clever witch.

This is goodbye.

Panel 7

Ansom is taken aback as Lady Sylvia Lazarus rushes in and plunges Ossomer's own sword into his chest.[edit]

Ansom: What-


Prince Ossomer: Eyurk!

Panel 8

Ansom waves his fists up and down in a rage while Lady Sylvia Lazarus stands aside, emotionless. Wanda raises the Arkenpliers and begins to decrypt Ossomer.[edit]

Ansom: What have you done!

Wanda Firebaugh: We haven't time.

I would have given you the duty, but she was close to leveling.

Panel 9

Ansom sweeps a hand in front of himself, leaning forward and shouting. Arkenpliers on her hip, Wanda ignores Ansom as she focuses on the newly Decrypted Ossomer seated before her.[edit]

Ansom: This was wholly unnecessary!

Ossomer: I...

Wanda Firebaugh: Tell me the disposition of Coalition forces in the battlespace.

Starting with any reserves, or major tactical surprises.

Ossomer: Yes.

Panel 10

Seated, Ossomer directs his attention to Wanda Firebaugh, crouched to his left. Nearby, Ansom stands agog. Beyond them waits the column of infantry.[edit]

Ossomer: There is... a massive column of heavies and infantry half a turn's march beyond the city.

It was hoped we could delay you...


Panel 11

The four commanders cast long shadows; Lady Sylvia Lazarus untying the hands of the seated Ossomer, Wanda kneeling to one side, and Ansom standing nearby, arms at his sides, watching his brother.[edit]

Ossomer: Forgive me, I am confused.

Ansom: Ossomer...

Wanda Firebaugh: What else?

Panel 12

Head bowed slightly, Ossomer continues his debriefing.[edit]

Ossomer: Flyers. In the Garrison.

Nine Unipegataurs, a few Orlies, and a special force.

Twenty-six gwiffons, six megalogwiffs, a Caster of some sort.

Panel 13

Wanda Firebaugh's blue eyes go wide as Ossomer completes his account of Jetstone's forces.[edit]
Ossomer: They are led by the Queen of Faq. [edit]


  1. ^  Red Ring Of Death is a common "bricking issue" with the Xbox 360 console.