Kiln Kenny

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Kiln Kenny
Race: Men
Tribe: Imaginary
Faction: Faq
Class: Caster (Dirtamancer)
Special: Doesn't Exist

Proposed Canon

"Work It Harder, Make It Better, Do It Faster, Makes Us Stronger!"

Strengths: Appreciation of fine china, Artistry, Dedication to honing his craft

Weaknesses: Single mindedness, Following safety protocols, Never actually existed

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 44

Kiln Kenny is a fictional dirtamancer Jillian invented as part of an escape attempt from Wanda.


While a captive of Wanda and Haffaton, Jillian devised an escape plan that played on Wanda's obsession with the history of croaked units.

Jillian told of a dirtamancer who had loved stone and ceramic ware, and had made all the fine tea sets for the Court of Faq. He’d lived in pursuit of ever more beautiful and elegant dining and drinking ware, made of ever harder and stronger ceramics. His works were prized above all physical possessions by those at Court, but he had perished in a terrible mining accident, while attempting to dig out a band of special clay for his greatest tea set ever. Faq kept a broken sugar bowl in his memory at court.

Afterwards, Jillian criticized Wanda's attempts at creating a monument for Kiln Kenny repeatedly, until Wanda made a pedestal and put a broken sugar bowl on it. Jillian proceeded to steal a shard of the sugar bowl, and use it to break free.

At this point, it is revealed that Kiln Kenny had never existed.

Real World References

A kiln is an oven used for the baking of pottery and ceramics.

Kilkenny is a name of a city and a county in Ireland; of particular note is that the black stones with decorative white fossils that form the backbone of many of its fine buildings are quarried locally, from the Black Quarry.