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Class: Caster (Dollamancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: LIAB Prologue 4 (Referenced)
Name Revealed: {{{6}}}

Ken is a lovely (but wicked) male Dollamancer, and has met with Maggie in the Magic Kingdom LIAB Prologue 7. It is possible he lives there.

He has sold Maggie new raiment, including the khaki ensemble she wore to the picnic with Parson and Sizemore.

Ken possesses a magic item, a mirror capable of showing the looker wearing one of his outfits.


Since the word "Ken" is also an old English word for Perception and understanding and from which we get the word "Knowledge", as well as meaning "Range of vision", View, or sight, it may be that Ken is an Eyemancer as well.

Real World References

May be a reference to Ken from the Barbie doll toy line.