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Kommissar Jintao Oowa'o
Race: Elf (?)
Faction: Magic Kingdom (Great Minds that Think Alike)
Class: Caster (Adept of Thinkamancy, Adept of Foolamancy)
Level: 6



Side of Origin: Tar Zhay[1]
Age: 9,500 turns

Kommissar Jintao is the most reticent of the Great Minds. He tends not to verbalize, but tends not to sub-vocalize with other Thinkamancers unless directly questioned.

Originally from the strange and inscrutable jungle empire side of Tar Zhay, Jintao is one of the few Magic Kingdom casters to be freely released as a barbarian by a healthy and successful side. The Kommissar visits his former capital frequently. He is known to hire out to sides which Tar Zhay has an interest in "studying" but his upkeep is apparently covered by his old side when necessary.

It is said that Tar Zhay's ruler is permanently incapacitated, and the side is governed by a ruling council of commander units called kommissars[2]. Jintao retains this title, and will discuss the matter with no-one.[3]

Proposed Canon

We can drop you where you stand.

First Appearance: Possibly LIAB Text 38, Definitely LIAB 58:10

Jintao is a Thinkamancer and one of the Great Minds.

He usually reserves his judgement, but his belief that the Great Minds' involvement in the conspiracy around Parson is a mistake is strong enough to prompt a quick answer to Tisha's poll.[4]

He was croaked during the Battle of the Magic Kingdom when Charlie attacked the Temple of the Thinkamancers.

Real World References

His appearance is similar to that of a Romulan.

His name may be a reference to former Chinese president Hu Jintao.


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  2. ^  "Tar Zhay" is a derisive nickname for the Target retail chain, obtained by imagining its pronunciation as a French word (french "G" is pronounced like "Zh" and the "et" suffix is prononuced "ay")
  3. ^  An obvious reference to the Warhammer 40K universe -- the ruler, a semi-divine figure, is permanently incapacitated, and Commissars are political officers embedded in military units to ensure their loyalty.
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