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The first plan of Parson Gotti, occurring on his first full day in Erfworld, was to try to capture or croak Prince Ansom (the commanding Warlord of the Royal Crown Coalition), and obtain the Arkenpliers; however, this plan was formulated in the presence of Wanda and Stanley, and so was strongly influenced by them.

Unlike Parson's later plans, this simple plan wholly relied upon playing the opposing commander's weaknesses (his love for Jillian), since Parson had not yet learned enough about the mechanics of Erfworld to formulate a plan based on weaknesses in the system.


The plan used the following resources:

  • Jillian who had been captured while scouting
  • Prince Ansom's habit of riding to Jillian's rescue personally.
  • Wanda's subtle control over Jillian via the Suggestion Spell.
  • The Coalition knowing that Jillian had been captured, as learned by Webinar and his force supporting Jillian's scouting mission.
  • The Eyemancer Table to determine the location of Ansom after the rescue.

The Plan

The goal of the plan was to capture or croak Ansom, Jillian, any accompanying Warlords, and to seize the Arkenpliers. To achieve this, the plan was to release Jillian, but use the Suggestion Spell to have her to report that she had escaped. Ansom was expected to come to her rescue, but the distance would be too far to return to the main force of the Royal Crown Coalition. On Gobwin Knob's next Turn, Ansom, Jillian, and any other forces escorting them would be vulnerable to an assault by a large number of dwagons and three Warlords that had been Moved to a position near Jillian.


The plan failed due to Ansom's friend, Vinny. Vinny suspected escape was arranged to bait a trap for Ansom, and warned Ansom not to go. Ansom instead contracted Charlie of Charlescomm to join Royal Crown Coalition and send three Archon mercenaries to escort Jillian.


Parson suggests that this plan was a total failure. Ansom failed to spring the trap, and instead a new ally joined the Royal Crown Coalition forces -- a force of Casters, the Archons of Charlescomm.

This plan did have one positive outcome: the dwagons ended Turn close to the coalition column, allowing Parson to use them in his next plan.