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Jester could refer to something else. See Jester (disambiguation)

Proposed Canon

Comically hitting the point.

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 51

The Jester was a comically fat and abrasive representative of a part of Jillian Zamussels's subconscious who appeared when she was drugged on Heroine buds. He's far less jovial and charismatic than other, living jesters such as Dunkin McClown. Jack speculates that he was a part of her mind that urged her to action when she was forgetting things.

He also symbolically represented how Jillian saw her father as well as the idea of the warlord archetype.IPTSF Text 71 IPTSF Text 81

During a caster link between Charlie and Betsy, Charlie described the Jester as a "Tool of the only enemy worth fighting", and with her help destroyed this fragment of Jillian's personality.


Charlie is known to have preserved his life with Carnymancy at a "terrible price". Charlie is also known to be the world's most powerful Carnymancer, and Carnymancers often view Fate as their greatest adversary. The absolutely bizarre strategy of his side is likely intended to prevent Fate from croaking him by ordinary means.

The Jester was likely a mechanism that connected Fate to Jillian's subconscious, influencing her decisions much like a suggestion spell in order to enforce its intentions. Jillian is an agent of Fate and has one of the strongest Fates in existence. It is also notable that the jester represented Jillian's existence as a warlord, and that since establishing Charlescomm, Charlie no longer uses warlords at all for some mysterious reason. Fate likely intended her to play a key role in bringing Charlie down. By destroying the Jester, Charlie presumably removed its ability to influence her directly. As a result, not only is Jillian actively opposing her Fate, but Fate is forced to invest a huge amount of effort into keeping her alive, effectively forcing Fate to fight with itself.

Jack suggested that the jester was the part of her mind that urged her to action, and its destruction might be the cause behind why Jillian has become so wishy washy.

It is possible that the Jester is a "predictum", a "Predictamancy golem" that guards her Fate.