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The "but" of the joke... is it isn't always funny.

Proposed Canon

A jester is a type of courtier that specializes in entertaining the court of their side. A jester “enjoys certain privileges at court. [They] are free to abuse the King in many ways, and the King must tolerate it. Scripture indicates that there is no lower act than for a King to disband his knave.”WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 4 Jester's are rarely malicious in their ribbing (Queen Post of Firstpost had a good relationship with her Jester) but in some cases they may use their position to be brutally honest about their ruler's flaws and shortcomings, especially if their Duty compels them to point out mistakes for the good of the side.

Dunkin McClown committed what would normally be disloyalty: giving a prisoner maps and intelligence. He did so because he believed that his Ruler, King Scrofula, was making a grave mistake allying with former enemy side Bullyclub. Said prisoner, Lord Crush, used that intelligence to create a triple cross plan to allow Squashcourt and its former allies to survive the mistake. Ultimately, Dunkin's actions saved his side.

It's not required for a side to have a jester, however. Gobwin Knob, Transylvito, Homekey, and neither old nor new Faq have jesters. Though Foolamancer Jack Snipe liked to act the part in the old court of Faq. Non-Royal sides have been seen to have jesters, as seen in Opencola.

Known Jesters