Jefferson Carver

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... to pass the canapés.
Jefferson Carver
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom
Class: Caster (Carnymancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Digdoug - Episode 20

Jefferson ‘Nickel’ Carver is a barbarian Carnymancer in the Carnyvale who has seen better days. He has no home, not even a Wagon, and sleeps on the ground. He's seen very drunk, and offered Digdoug a bottle of Doctor Henry David Skidreau’s Tonic of Wildness. Dove Barstool had a strong dislike of him, repeatedly slapping him for being very close to her wagon.

Real World References

US president Thomas Jefferson is on the Nickel, a five cent coin.

Nickel Carver is likely a reference to carving wooden nickels. "Don't take any wooden nickels!"