Jed Eye Knights

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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 155

The "Jed Eye Knights" are elite Juggle Elves serving as Stanley's personal guard. Jed the Head convinced Stanley to recruit them, replacing the Knights in Stanley's Service. They live inside Jed behind his eyes, hence the name. Stanley promoted fifteen Juggles to knight status, including Odie Ose, Escapelle, and Treebeer.


Presumably they are led by Odie Ose.

They may soon find themselves fight an organization of rival knights named 'the Sith'.

Real World References

I seem to recall hearing of a similarly named organization, but that was a long time ago and far, far away. Similarly to them, Jed Eye Knights can negate energy powered bolts (Shockamancy), although using miracle poles.