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Never boop off nice people. Or pacifists. Or hippies.
Janis Atlantis
Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom
Class: Caster (Date-a-mancer)
Rank and Titles: Grand Abbie; Master of Date-a-mancy, Flower Power, and Signamancy

Proposed Canon

"Sizemore, you weep for those you have ended. I love you for that. You want peace. But we are popped in a world where peace is impossible."

Strengths: Teaching, Patience, Hope

Weaknesses: Optimism

First Appearance: TBFGK 11

Janis Atlantis is a HippiemancerErf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG and a Grand AbbieErf-b1-p141Same-site.PNG.

She is a permanent resident of the Magic Kingdom and is Qualified to participate in an enforcement council.

Janis acts as a teacher to many, including Sizemore Rockwell. She is generous, attempting to provide a lesson gratis to Sizemore after he failed to learn anything about Flower Power. She also acts as a guru and moral compass, helping Sizemore through the difficult times Parson Gotti put him through in the Battle for Gobwin Knob. She also takes on a leadership role, organizing the response to the sudden and unexpected appearance of Parson and the Linked Casters from Gobwin Knob.



Parson is very impressed by Janis. He thinks her knowledge of Magic is second only to that of Isaac, and greatly appreciates her willingness to share it. He regards her as both wise and kind, but is unsure whether her mystical beliefs are correct or not.

Janis sees Parson as absolutely critical to the fulfillment of her dream of ending War on Erfworld. She wants him to avoid getting distracted from that goal into a quest to destroy Charlie, as the Great Minds and Maggie would prefer.

Marie Lavraie

Janis is involved in a conspiracy with Marie Lavraie, the former Predictamancer of Faq. Janis believes that Marie helped to create the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell that brought Parson to Erfworld as part of a plan to end war on Erfworld. However, Janis questions Marie's judgment in giving the spell to Wanda, who seems to Janis to be the very antithesis of everything she believes and stands for. Because of her very close relationship with Marie, Janis was able to persuade the other casters involved in Wanda's trial to allow her to preserve Marie's body after Marie was croaked in the Battle of Portal Park. Eventually, Janis managed to sneak the Arkenpliers into the dirtmansion and get the imprisoned Wanda to decrypt Marie (and simultaneously Ivan Poe and Claud Gauntlet, by accident).

Sizemore Rockwell

Janis is extremely interested in Parson's potential capability to change the course of Erfworld's history. She has strongly encouraged Sizemore to remain Parson's friend and supporter, so that Sizemore will be in a position to influence Parson. Sizemore has so far followed Janis's advice, despite his own fears that Parson's influence on the world is likely to be terribly harmful. Sizemore believes that Janis is very wise, and he values her friendship highly. He views her as a moral authority.

When we first met Janis and Sizemore, Janis was trying unsuccessfully to teach Sizemore to use Flower Power, in return for a fee of 8 Rands. Since she is unable to teach him, Janis offers to waive her fee, but instead Sizemore insists on paying her 20 Rands, possibly because there is a good chance that he's going to die, and so won't need the money himself. Sizemore admits to Janis that he didn't really expect to be very good at the form of magic Janis was teaching. The fact that Janis had apparently never before tried to teach Sizemore Flower Power, and that he had originally agreed to pay her for his lesson, suggests that Sizemore and Janis were not particularly close friends before Parson was summoned to Erfworld. When Parson appeared in the Magic Kingdom, Janis moved decisively to take control of the situation, rendering Parson unconscious (perhaps so he wouldn't further antagonize the other casters) and offering a large sum of money to get Sizemore safely extracted from his link to Maggie and Wanda.

Unlike most of the other casters in the Magic Kingdom, Janis remains on very good terms with Sizemore even as it becomes increasingly clear that Gobwin Knob represents a major challenge to the existing social order on Erfworld. This is because she welcomes the changes she thinks Parson may bring, rather than fearing them.


  • Achieving her goal of ending war on Erfworld may require Janis to attune to the Arkenhammer. As a Grand Abbie who has mastered three magical disciplines, she might be able to use this Tool of the Titans in ways Stanley could not imagine. This is especially true if the Arkenhammer derives its power from Hippiemancy. Of course, before she could even try to attune to this tool, either Janis or Parson would have to get the Arkenhammer away from Stanley.
  • Janis was probably attempting to teach Sizemore Flower Power, given the large psychedelic flower in a pot near them when their training session ends.Erf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG
  • Janis's pink eyes are not signamancy reflecting her nature as a Hippiemancer, but are a side-effect of a link-up, similar to what happened to Jack & Maggie's eyes.

Real World References

Several sources have been suggested for her name:

  • Janis Joplin[1], a major musician in the 60s counterculture. The psychedelic nature of her music is strongly associated with the Hippie movement. Note that Atlantis[2] and Joplin[3] are both names of cities.
  • Janis Ian[4], a singer who began her career in the '60s, and likewise embodies the Hippie counterculture.
  • Janice Rand[5], a character from Star Trek. Note that another date-a-mancer residing in the Magic Kingdom, Uhura, is unequivocally named after a character from the same series. The use of Rands as Magic Kingdom currency may be another reference.

Her title of Grand Abbie may come from:

  • Abbie Hoffman[6], social activist and leader of the Yippie movement. He is quoted as saying, "Personally I always held my flower in a clenched fist."[7]
  • Abbess, the female form of Abbot -- the leader of a convent.