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TBFGK 67.jpg
Race: Men
Faction: Charlescomm
Class: Archon
Level: 3+
Special: Flight
TBFGK 119.jpg
Jaclyn (Uncroaked)
Race: Uncroaked (Men)
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Special: Flight

Proposed Canon

"Would you like to call a friend?"

Strengths: Bends Charlie's Rules, Puts the Client Before Herself

Weaknesses: See Above

First Appearance: TBFGK 42

Jaclyn was one of Charlie's Archons.

Jaclyn's Abilities


Jillian was released from Gobwin Knob as part of Parson Gotti's first plan: the intent was for Prince Ansom to charge to her rescue and into the range of a massive dwagon assault. Instead, on the advice of Vinny Doombats, Ansom sent for some of his most trusted Units, as well as some mercenaries -- Charlescomm's Archons -- to escort Jillian back to the main force of the Royal Crown Coalition. Jaclyn was one of the three Archons selected for this task.

When Ansom found himself trapped inside a circle of dwagons the next Turn, Jillian was ordered to take the fastest fliers and the Archons with her to try to find dwagons that had been wounded earlier in the Turn. Jillian did not expect to find them, but stumbled onto them anyway. The Archons then found she was not confident in what her next act should be, but were aware of the Suggestion Spell that Wanda was using to influence her to leave the dwagons alone. Eventually, Jaclyn and her friends convinced Jillian to speak via Thinkagram to Ansom, and this bolstered her to action -- Jillian assaulted the dwagons with everything in her command. The Archons opened with offensive spellcasting, eliminating three dwagons straight away, and ultimately survived the battle with Ansom's assistance.

Two Turns later, the three Archons, again under Jillian's command, found themselves flying to intercept Stanley the Worm as he fled for Faq, but they first diverted to Gobwin Knob in an attempt to "rescue" Wanda Firebaugh. Wanda had no desire to be removed from Gobwin Knob and indicated this by firing the air defenses of Gobwin Knob at Jillian's forces. In this action, Jaclyn croaked.

Later that Turn, Wanda uncroaked Jaclyn TBFGK_98:13. During the defense of the city of Gobwin Knob, Jaclyn assaulted Prince Ansom as he attempted to open a hole in the defenses for the RCC to attack through. Ansom fell, but signed a new contract with Charlescomm. Jaclyn was destroyed for a second, and final time, by the magics of Charlescomm's Archons. TBFGK_121:6

Charlie suggested that he considered Jaclyn a valuable unit when he later blogged to Parson. TBFGK_100:8

Real World References

Charlie's Archons are a reference to a television series Charlie's Angels featuring 3 young women working as private investigators for their boss, Charlie, whose face is never seen on screen. Jaclyn is possibly a homage to actress Jaclyn Smith who played the role of Kelly Garrett, one of Charlie's Angels.