Ivan Poe

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Hvs.tCF 138.jpg
Ivan Poe
Race: Decrypted (Men)
Faction: Gobwin Knob (formerly Charlescomm)
Class: Caster (Dirtamancer)
Level: Master-class

Proposed Canon


First Appearance: Hvs.tCF 138

Ivan Poe is a Decrypted Dirtamancer belonging to Gobwin Knob. Ivan is equipped with a variety of magic items, including a helmet that protects against cave ins, goggles that can be either in "Stuff-sight" or a magic detection modeHvs.tCF 265, and the Wonky Wrench, an item created in a caster link between himself and Charlie, that allows a Dirtamancer to do things ordinary Dirtamancy cannot.

Previously, Ivan was a barbarian Dirtamancer on contract to Charlescomm, and a resident of the Magic Kingdom. He was Qualified to sit on the enforcement council, though this status was challenged over several crimes committed on Charlie's behalf. He spent hundreds of turns on improvements to Comm Tower in the city of Charlescomm. He was privy to many of Charlie's more important secrets, such as the fact that Charlie has a cache of guns hidden deep under the Magic Kingdom.

The traps in the city of Charlescomm's portal room are of his own creation. He also acted as Charlie's agent among the Dirtamancers, and among other things lobbied them to make the price of filling in Sizemore's illegal tunnel too expensive for anyone to bother.

He participated in Operation: Big Game on Charlescomm's behalf, and attempted to trap Spacerock's portal to prevent Gobwin Knob from retreating. Following the battle of Portal Park, Ivan was captured by the Enforcement Council and charged for various crimes, the most significant of which being his tampering with Charlescomm's portal to let non-casters pass.

Ivan was held in the Dirtamansion pending trial, and refused to testify in Wanda's trial prior to his own. Erf-b3-p161Same-site.PNG Rightfully worried that Bonnie was on the verge of disclosing the full extent of their connections to Charlie to the Great Minds That Think Alike, Ivan and Claud Gauntlet planned Ivan's escape. Erf-b3-p197Same-site.PNG

Ivan and Claud fled to Charlie's underground Magic Kingdom bunker, Erf-b3-p208Same-site.PNG where Charlie contacted the duo, offering "everlasting upkeep". Both casters refused the offer, demanding to join Charlescomm instead. Charlie reluctantly accepted this offer, and Ivan and Claud turned to Charlescomm; however, both were croaked almost immediately afterwards by the Great Minds cutting their g-strings. Erf-b3-p210Same-site.PNG

Using the Arkenpliers, Wanda successfully decrypted Ivan, Claud, and Marie Lavraie at range as all three casters were in the same hex. Erf-b3-p222Same-site.PNG Ivan and Claud were trapped under the Magic Kingdom's bedrock as a Charlescomm action figure apparently took the Wrench and the contents of the bunker to an undisclosed location. Erf-b3-p225Same-site.PNG

Together, Ivan and Claud trapped the action figure in a minecart and executed a plan to rescue Wanda, having Ivan spend almost all of his juice and leaving a small bedrock cap between the tunnel and the bottom of the Dirtamansion. Seven of Charlie's Archons led by Tondelayo ambushed the trio for a gunpoint negotiation, and were croaked by the Deiform Isaac entity before they could croak Wanda.

Deisaac forced Ivan into a caster link, and acquired Ivan's knowledge of modifications made to Charlescomm, and of portal columns. They used this knowledge to refill their juice from the portal column. Claud was then brought in (on Wanda's order), as Deisaac wanted to fabricate a suit of bedrock armor. This was Decided to be impossible, but Claud's thoughts led Deisaac to awaken the Charlescomm portal column.

After Ivan and Claud were dropped from the link, Deisaac took the Wrench and began exposing portal columns throughout the tunnels, refilling his juice as he went. He awoke at least one other portal column/tower, in I'm Coming For You Stanley.

Real World References

He is a reference to the Engineer class in the video game Team Fortress 2. His long neck and him saying "Nope" are specifically references to the Nope.avi meme involving the TF2 Engineer, and so is his name, as "Ivan Poe" is an anagram of "Nope.avi".

Coincidentally, the name Ivan Poe is also a reference to Ivanhoe.

Another potential connection is Ivan Pope, one of the early pioneers of the internet.