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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:90 AW
Side's Turn:Charlescomm

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Panels: 1
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Panel 1

Hvs.tCF 87:1/Description[edit]

Notes: Carnymancy & Friends :)

Janis is awesome. Knows more about magic than anyone I've met except Isaac. But Isaac is holding out on me. Janis isn't. She's wise and kind. Glad we stayed here.

-- However --

She goes from zero to woo-woo in 3.8 seconds. I'm not sure how much I can believe. Magic is real but she gets into mysticism. She could be exactly right, or it could be the same paranormal derp I would hear from an Ohio psychic.

That in mind, this is what she says about CARNYMANCY. Carnies only _say_ it's about say it's about breaking Rules. Janis says it's more like "the Foolamancy of Belief."

Jack said Foolamancers trick the mind, not the eyes. Insert a story about what you are seeing, your mind does the rest of the work.

Carnies do that for ideas not senses. Changes the context of your information. Your mind does the rest. Better mind control than Thinkamancy!

So why don't they rule the world?

  1. Nobody trusts them. Assuming they are out to screw you is your best defense.
  2. Carnymancy has serious limitations.
  3. Charlie kind of does rule the world, because nobody knows he's one.

BTW—Janis not convinced taking down Charlie is necess. for Peace. More later.

Main Carnymancy limit—TOUCH

They cast on themselves when they talk. They have sense of Belief-reading people.

10 times more effective to cast on a unit or object(!) but requires touch. Also touching boosts Belief sense, so they get touchy feely to see if you're buying their pitch. Janis held Jojo's hand to protect me w/Flower Power.

So Charlie cant' do Carnymancy at a distance? Or maybe through a link?

What about "breaking the rules?" That's where it gets woo-woo. Janis thinks Rules = Belief. Flying units fly b/c they believe they can. Arrows only kill you b/c you know they will.

She things I can come to M.K. b/c some Carnymancy (from Fate maybe?) convinced me I could. I doubt it. Why not "convince" me I am immune to volcanoes? She says it's impossible for me to believe that. Like suggesion spells can break if they go too far. Foolamancy can't make you think a pebble is a mountain.

So she thinks maybe everything is held together with Belief? Faith? Shared context?

I don't think it holds up. I remember going through that portal thinking I was going to die, or at least wake up at home. I didn't think the portal would work.

Hamstard illustration: I was thinkin' Arby's]