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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:79 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 6
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Panel 1

While holding the Arkenhammer, Stanley instructs the Decrypted warlady Georgia Power on a pathway in the city of Gobwin Knob. An armored and saddled blue dwagon waits in profile behind him, with another two dwagons behind it. The red dwagon is mounted by a Knight in Stanley's Service, but only part of the pink dwagon is visible.[edit]

Narrator: Gobwin Knob. First thing in the morning.

Stanley: So we're supposed to be at war with Charlescomm now. Or maybe that's a secret, I dunno. Hamster's nuts.
Anyway, if you get attacked here, it'll probably be them.

Georgia: I... see, Lord.

Panel 2

We see the back of Stanley's head as he continues talking to Georgia, with Zhopa and three dwagons visible behind her. The red dwagon on the left and purple dwagon on the right are only partly visible, but the yellow dwagon in the center is mounted by a Knight in Stanley's Service.[edit]
Stanley: That's all right, though. If this place falls, it falls.
It's not like it's the capital any more.

Panel 3

Stanley continues loudly complaining to Georgia from the center of a large courtyard in the city of Gobwin Knob, possibly the garrison, surrounded by high walls filled with windows and a tall square tower in the background. There are nine dwagons on the ground, including Stanley's armored blue dwagon on the path and a set of four dwagons on either side, all mounted by Knights in Stanley's Service. A half-dozen other units are visible on the grounds, with two of them posted where the path meets the base of the tower.[edit]
Stanley: But it's gonna be.
After I croak that Queen and get Ansom back, then I'm gonna hafta fly three more turns to Spacerock, so I can change the capital back to here.
And then I gotta fly allllllll the way back.
Thanks, Lord Hamster!![1]

Panel 4

Georgia Power looks down at Stanley in his war paint as he stands on the path next to his armored blue dwagon, still talking to her. A pink dwagon is barely visible in the background.[edit]

Stanley: Anyway he hates this idea, so don't tell him. That's an order.

Georgia: Won't he know?

Stanley: Nah, our communications are bad.
I'll take care of this before he even knows I'm gone.

Yo, Zhopa.

Panel 5

Stanley uses the Arkenhammer to levitate up to the saddle of his armored blue dwagon, turning his head to talk to Zhopa as well as Georgia Power.[edit]

Stanley: You're gonna lackey for Warlady Georgia, uh...

Georgia: Power, Tool.

Stanley: I had it!
Power, while I'm away.

Zhopa: Yes, Lud.

Panel 6

Stanley flies away from the city of Gobwin Knob, with Shockmancy sparking from the mouth of his armored blue dwagon and the Arkenhammer that Stanley is lifting in his right hand. Following in the background are eight dwagons mounted by Knights in Stanley's Service, as well as the city of Gobwin Knob with its square walls and tower and lake of lava barely visible in the bottom right of the panel.[edit]

Stanley: Okay, ladies!

Let's get to the dance!


  1. ^ "Thanks, Lord Hamster!!" Possibly a reference to the "Thanks, Obama!" meme.