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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:78 AW
Side's Turn:Night

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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Wanda is standing on the foreground with the back to the viewer. Parson is sitting on his bed, supporting himself with his arms on his legs and speaking to Wanda. He has band-aids on his arms and face and the knees of his jeans are ripped. Maggie is sitting legs crossed next to Parson and has her hands crossed on her lap. She is looking at Wanda sternly. Jack is sitting on the desk behind Wanda and tilting his head towards her.[edit]
Parson: Hey, so... you remember that time you said, "trust me," and we let that prisoner go?
She's kind of wrecking our shit right now.

Panel 2

Wanda stands next to Parson's desk with her hands hanging on her sides and looking unsure. She is wearing a wonderwoman like suit: black leggings, red top with a golden W-shaped neckline and belt, red neckwear and a dark blue jacket, she also has a golden tiara with her skull and flower emblem on it. Jack is perched on the desk with the open eyebook in front of him and smirking at Wanda.[edit]

Wanda: Yes, I know.

It was a mistake.
If you recall, she... wrecked mine as well.

Panel 3

Close-up of Parson. He is holding his right palm up.[edit]

Parson: Right. There's a lot going on between you guys, I know.
But what I wanted to ask you was about prisoners.
They can't receive thinkagrams, but you said you can see through that Archon prisoner's eyes. So...

What about Ansom? He's Decrypted, too.

Panel 4

Wanda is standing in the middle of the room; behind her back Jack is sitting on the table and in front of her are Parson and Maggie sitting on the bed. Everybody is looking at Wanda.[edit]

Wanda:No. As I told you, it is only the Archons. I assume it is because they have Thinkamancy.

Parson: Right, okay. But...
What if I have you link up with Maggie again?

Panel 5

Close-up of Parson and Maggie.[edit]

Parson: Do you think you could use her Thinkamancy to see and hear what Ansom sees?
Spy on their plans? Maybe give him orders, help him escape?
Maybe even, um...

... have him assassinate her?
I mean, she's a ruler. It would end her side, y'know? Problem over.

Panel 6

Close-up of standing Wanda, she is looking surprised. Jack is sitting behind Wanda and looking at her. He is stroking his chin and raising his right eyebrow with a faint smile on his face.[edit]
Wanda: ... [edit]

Panel 7

Wanda stands in front of Parson and has her hands balled into fists. She is staring directly at Parson. Parson is sitting at the edge of his bed and smiling at Wanda.[edit]

Wanda: I think I would very much like to try that.

Parson: Ballin'. First thing in the morning, then.