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Descriptions of panels, and possibly references. Who's Bunny dressed as for her trip into the MK?

Book (Hvs.tCF)
Page by page (66)
Panel by panel (66:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:83 AW
Side's Turn:Transylvito

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Hvs.tCF 66.jpg
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Panels: 7
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Panel 1

Exterior view of the tower of the capital of Transylvito.[edit]

Don King: Level with me. Are you okay with this?
I mean, I am if you are. But you said you were never goin' back.

Bunny Velvetino: I know.
It's okay.

Panel 2

A close view of Bunny Velvetino from behind Don King. She is facing him as he appears to be sitting at his desk, wearing his crown and a Hawaiian-print shirt.[edit]

Don King: Seventy hundredturns, though. D'you think anyone there still remembers you?

Bunny: They remember. They hate me.
I hate them.

Faces change, but that doesn't.

Panel 3

Front view of Don King sitting at his desk, wearing his crown and a Hawaiian-print shirt, speaking to Bunny, standing opposite the desk, shown from the back with her arms crossed behind her.[edit]

Don King: Mm. And this is supposedly a diplomatic overture?

Bunny: That's what they said. They're not lying.

Don: From who?

Bunny: Guess I'll find out when I get there.

If you let me go.

Panel 4

Viewing Bunny from over Don King's right shoulder. She is lifting her left hand and shrugging.[edit]

Don King: Yeah you can go. If you want to, and you're telling me it's safe.

Bunny: It's a little unsafe.
And I a little don't want to.

But I want to.

Panel 5

Bunny is in her bedroom, packing a shoulder bag, which is on the foot of the bed in front of her. She's shown from behind wearing a black and white striped, well-fitting jumpsuit, possibly referencing prison clothing (since she is designated a Baddie by the Great Minds), or reflecting the outfit of a mime (since her ability to speak aloud was blocked by the Great Minds).[edit]
Don King (off panel): "Arright, Bunny. Go tonight, then." [edit]

Panel 6

A view of the portal room in the capital city of Transylvito. Bunny is shown from behind, approaching the portal, wearing her black and white striped jumpsuit, with her brown shoulder bag criss-crossing her body from her left shoulder to her right side. She is also wearing a yellow belt and yellow shoes to match.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 7

A wide view of the Portal Park in the Magic Kingdom. Bunny has just stepped through the portal from Transylvito, has dropped her bag and is standing with her hands out from her sides. She is surrounded by Great Minds, including Pamelor, Isaac, Roger Victor Clarence, Jintao, and Piffany.[edit]

Great Minds that Think Alike (in thinkspeak): Baddie will drop the satchel.

Baddie will not thinkspeak, except in response to inquiry.

Baddie will not move.

Baddie will await direction.

Baddie will not cast.

Baddie will keep her hands apart.

Baddie will not interact with other casters.

Baddie will not manipulate strings.

Baddie will not enter the portal.

Baddie will not initiate thinkspace.

Baddie will not [untranslatable].

Baddie will comply.