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Book (Hvs.tCF)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:83 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 1
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Panel 1

Hvs.tCF 65:1/Description[edit]

Transcript 41

CharlsNChrg: Good morning, Parson.

LordHamster: Well, gosh. It had been.

CharlsNChrg: I've got something for you to sign.

LordHamster: Oh, yey!

LordHamster: What is it? Field trip permission form? Your death warrant?

CharlsNChrg: [ Contract text - touch to expand ]

LordHamster: That's a really short contract, for you.

CharlsNChrg: It's atypically straightforward, yes.

LordHamster: So you just want to send us 75,000 more Shmuckers?

LordHamster: Why?

CharlsNChrg: No special reason.

LordHamster: Come on.

CharlsNChrg: Sign to receive the funds, Parson. That's all there is to it.

LordHamster: Right, but where's the catch? Are the secret terms written in invisible ink?

CharlsNChrg: It's your book. I doubt it does that.

CharlsNChrg: No terms or conditions apply other than those stated. Please sign.

LordHamster: I'm not signing this until I know why.

CharlsNChrg: That's a condition. It does not apply. Just sign.

LordHamster: Tell me why, first.

CharlsNChrg: Parson, I do not give away valuable information.

CharlsNChrg: But for you, I will over to sell you the real reason for the very low price of 80,000 Shmuckers.

CharlsNChrg: After you sign.

LordHamster: Cute.

LordHamster: Fine, I'll shut up and take your money.[1]

Parson A. Gotti

CharlsNChrg: Done. 75K transferred.

CharlsNChrg: Now. Do you want me to draw up a contract specifying 80,000 for the reason I sent you the 75?

LordHamster: ... I'll think about it. Go away.

Transcript 42

LordHamster: Hey.

CharlsNChrg: Good evening, Parson!

LordHamster: I'm calling your bluff. 80K to know why you sent us 75. Write up the contract.

CharlsNChrg: [ Contract text - touch to expand ]

LordHamster: That was disturbingly fast.

CharlsNChrg: I like to be prepared. Don't let it dissuade you.

LordHamster: I won't. It means you're definitely bluffing. It's like holding out your cards and saying "Come on, call me!"

Parson A. Gotti

CharlsNChrg: Thanks. You ready?

LordHamster: Spill.

CharlsNChrg: Deep in my heart of hearts, I truly, honestly, sincerely did it...

CharlsNChrg: ... to scam you out of 5K.

LordHamster: God dammit.

CharlsNChrg: And also, to evaluate you as a gambler. And to psychologically undermine you, leaving you vulnerable in our future dealings.

CharlsNChrg: Wasn't that fun?

CharlsNChrg: I used to do stuff like that to your boss all the time. Thought you'd be a bit smarter than him.

LordHamster: Right. Fine. Well played.

LordHamster: I have things to do now.

LordHamster: I'll leave the book open so you can gloat all night.

CharlsNChrg: Hold on. I'm having a little too much fun here.

CharlsNChrg: Let's do it again.

CharlsNChrg: [ Contract text - touch to expand ]

LordHamster: Same 75K?

CharlsNChrg: It is the same contract, to the letter. Sign, please.

Parson A. Gotti

CharlsNChrg: Wonderful.

CharlsNChrg: Now this time, if you want to know my reasons for sending you that money, the price will be 90,000 Shmuckers.

CharlsNChrg: Your move, Parson.

LordHamster: Yeah, I hate to let down the studio audience, but I'm keeping the money, Chuck.[2]


  • ^ 'Take your money'  is a reference to a Futurama gag. (know your meme)
  • ^ Deal or no deal?  Parson's final line is a reference to game shows where contestants are offered the choice between taking their current winnings and walking away, or continuing to play and risk losing what they've won. Additionally, Chuck Woolery was the host of a number of game shows.